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Why people analytics is important?

For most businesses, people are the largest source of cost and of potential growth and innovation.

Effectively using people analytics helps you to understand the workforce you have, the workforce you need and what will drive your people to perform resulting in significant commercial advantage. As the digital age gathers pace, increasing volumes of workforce and related business data are available; the challenge is being able to trust, analyse and gain insight from it, in a manageable, repeatable way.

This means developing capabilities that have not traditionally existed in the area of people management. No one has all the answers yet but market leaders are increasingly using data-driven analytics to provide new insights, to build cases for change and to earn HR a valuable seat at the business leadership table.

The Saratoga Institute developed the first set of HR metrics nearly 40 years ago and we’ve been setting the standard ever since.

We’ve built the world's most robust database of human resources metrics, with meaningful comparisons to thousands of organisations around the world.

We can show you exactly where you measure up against your competition, and where you can improve.

Our global metrics and benchmarking database covers industry sectors worldwide with more than 300 metrics relating to workforce productivity, span of control, succession, recruiting costs and efficiency, quality of hire, labour costs, turnover, diversity, human resource department cost, and organizational structures.

With year-on-year growth in global data coverage, our global database in 2012 comprises recently reported data from more than 2,400 unique organisation entities.

We would love to learn more about you—and learn how we might be able to help. Take the next step and start a conversation with us.

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