Sustainability Assurance

Building trust in sustainability

A need for high-quality reporting and assurance

It’s no longer just your Board and shareholders who have an interest in your company and your business performance. Your investors also want information that’s clear, relevant and reliable – data they can trust – from your sustainability reports.

So it's more important than ever for you to be able to deliver high-quality reporting and assurance that communicates your sustainable competitive advantage effectively.

Building trust through rigorous and transparent reporting and assurance, allows you to meet investors and stakeholders needs, and provide valuable insights about how your company's addressing risks and opportunities.

Bursa Malaysia has also recognised this need. And they have made it compulsory for all their listed companies to incorporate a Sustainability Statement in their annual reports. They also highly recommend that companies get an independent assurance of their reported sustainability matters.

Are you ready for sustainability assurance?

Do your stakeholders have confidence in what is being reported in your sustainability agenda?
Do your processes over collecting, validating and documenting data ensure reliability of information for sustainability reporting?
Is your company prepared for a third-party assurance on your sustainability reporting?

At PwC, we help you rebuild trust, from the inside - moving from uncertainty to sustainable efficiency. Here's how we can help.

Your challenges

How can we help you

Stakeholders seek relevant sustainability information

We evaluate the scope of information for sustainability reporting so you can ensure that relevant sustainability information is provided to your stakeholders and increase their confidence in your company.

Lack of standardisation in reporting processes and controls

We review data collection processes and management controls used in sustainability reporting so you can standardise the reporting processes and controls to ensure reliable sustainabillity data is provided to your stakeholders.

Desire to establish a more consistent set of procedures

We recommend efficient reporting processes for collecting and validating information so you can enhance timelines of reporting and build trust with your stakeholders.

Uncertainty over the reliability of information

We identify gaps and recommend improvement opportunities for sustainability reporting so you can improve the credibility and integrity of sustainability information provided to your Board and management for decision making.


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