TaXavvy Stamp Act (Amendment) Bill

Inside this issue:

Key highlights

  • Properties and Shares Sale and Purchase Agreements subjec to ad valorem stamp duty
  • Reduction of stamp duty rates for unquoted shares
  • Requirement to submit return
  • Instruments chargeable with duty
  • Relief in respect of error or mistake
  • Adjudication and assessment as to proper stamp/Introduction to self assessment
  • Powers of the Collector of Stamp Duties
  • Power to appoint agents
  • Recovery of duty from executor 
  • Definition of "small and medium enterprise"

Stamp duty relief

  • Stamp duty relief in case of reconstructions or amalgamations of companies
  • Stamp duty relief in case of transfer of property between associated companies

Stamp duty administration

  • Requirement to keep records
  • Loss of stamp certificate
  • Allowance for spoiled stamps

Offences and penalties

  • Increase in penalties
  • Recovery of duties, penalties and other sums
  • Compoundable offences

Savings and transitional provisions

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