Cybersecurity and Privacy

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Focus on Cybersecurity and Privacy to achieve your goals.

As organisations move towards a digital business model where more and more data is generated and shared, digital information has become the lifeblood of the interconnected business environment. Increasing digitisation also means organisations are exposed to new digital vulnerabilities, making an effective approach to cybersecurity, privacy and forensics more important than ever. 

At PwC, we help our clients transform from value protectors to value creators by building trust, promoting resilience and enabling the business. We are here to help you transform your organisation and drive growth, while staying resilient and preparing for the unexpected.

Discover how we can help you.

How we can help you?

Strategy, transformation and risk

Build effective governance

We believe cybersecurity and privacy require support at board level to get the strategy and governance right. Our cybersecurity approach is tailored to the threats your organisation faces, as well as your risk appetite. We can work with you to understand your key cyber security challenges, adapt and respond to the risks inherent in your business ecosystem, protect the assets most critical to your brand, competitive advantage and shareholder value.

Our focus:
  • Cyber resilience
  • ISO standard programme delivery and support
  • Cyber risk quantification - cyber value at risk
  • Third party risk management
  • Regulatory compliance services

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Privacy and consumer protection

Build trust and spark growth.

With the evolution of data protection and privacy laws in different territories (particularly the EU and Mauritius Data Protection Act) , organisations are facing a growing patchwork when processing personal data of individuals.

Organisations must expertly determine how to collect, use and destroy data in more effective ways such that they are safer and create value. We can help you in your privacy journey in order to enhance customer trust and compliance with global data-privacy regulations.

Our focus:

  • Privacy Readiness and training
  • Privacy programme development

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Incident and threat management

Protect your business through layered defences.

Organisations know that they need to rapidly and productively respond to threats, however many lack credence in their Information Security plans. To build confidence in managing a potential security incident, a clear view of your incident response plan’s strengths and weaknesses is paramount. 

We can help you to identify and investigate, respond and remediate threats across the incident-management lifecycle. We have our accelerators and tools to provide customised threat intelligence and assist you in case an incident occurs.

Our focus:

  • Threat and vulnerability management
  • Social Engineering
  • Digital forensics investigation
  • Operation technology
  • Incident readiness and management

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Managed Security Services

Transform your Security Operations with real time threat intelligence and threat hunting capabilities.


At PwC, Managed Security Services are tailor-made for organisations that wish to achieve and maintain a security posture that promotes effective detection and response to cybersecurity threats on an ongoing basis.

Managed Security Services operate 24x7 as an extended arm of your security teams, providing you with cyber security management, detection and response capabilities and effective risk and compliance management with minimal initial investment

Our focus:

  • Managed Threat Detection and Response Services
  • Security Orchestration Automation and Response
  • Compromise Assessment

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Implementation and Operations

Security solutions to build resilience

Implementation Operations services help clients smoothly and efficiently integrate new technology systems into the business, ensure that technology is properly synthesized and managed, and find and resolve unknown issues.

We help clients architect, implement, and optimize security technologies to manage visibility, access, identification, and control over sensitive data and systems.

We also provide differentiated, high value managed services by supporting key security technologies through traditional operations activities with a continuous improvement mindset.

Our focus:

  • Cloud security  
  • Digital Identity

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Our recent achievement

PwC Mauritius has successfully achieved ISO 27701:2019 Certification on Privacy Information Management System (PIMS), from the British Standards Institution (BSI-GBR). 

We are the first in the PwC network and among the Big 4 to achieve this key accolade. It's a proud moment for all of us to bring Africa on the forefront of the Global Privacy Community who achieved this certification.

What does this mean for us and our clients?

This certificate will certainly help us manage the privacy of personal information, safeguard our reputation, meet regulatory requirements and increase our confidence to be known as a trusted advisor for our clients. 


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