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Discover how we innovate and ignite innovation in the way we work using the latest technologies designed with the safety of our employees in mind.

Keeping safe with our contact tracing app

While COVID-19 fundamentally changed the way businesses operate, we have recently deployed our contact tracing app to maintain the safety of our employees. 

The app uses a private and anonymous contact tracing system that will help us identify and alert our employees that may have been in contact with a recently infected person with the novel coronavirus. 

To preserve the privacy of our employees, the app does not collect location data, private data and no mobile phone number. We have also ensured that it abides to the local Data Protection Act

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PwC Mauritius - Innovation

How PwC is easing its staff mobility

During the year, we launched two mobile apps to ease our employees mobility while saving on both time and protecting the environment. 

We have joined forces with a German company who specialises in mobility solutions to create Mo'Lift. The app allows our employees to share empty seats in their car with their co-workers. Our staff can also see who has available seats in their car and request a ride from them.
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A ride around Moka using PwC's Moka Shuttle App

Moka Smart City recently launched the Moka Shuttle service for employees in Telfair region to travel to work faster as well as to other key places in Moka. 

To faciliate ticket booking, we have developed a mobile app which will allow our employees to request for e-tickets and validate them for the rides.


Paying it forward...cashless

Mok'ash is the cashless system being introduced at PwC Mauritius. This allows a PwC employee to pay for various consumables using his access card as payment method. Mok'ash also allows PwC to credit rewards and reimbursements directly to an employee's Mok'ash e-wallet.

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Immigration Services Portal : Easing the process of immigration

The PwC's Immigration Services Portal automates the processing of permits right from initiation until a full application pack is produced for our clients. We have also made use of Robotic Process Automation to push the pack directly to the local government portal.

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Global Payroll Portal : Making payroll pay

The Global Payroll Platform (GPP) is PwC’s optimised operating model for payroll business outsourcing. We have built unparalleled expertise in payroll processing, using technology-powered, service-backed capabilities along with cloud-based solutions to help clients improve accuracy and efficiency, reduce costs and minimize risk in their payroll function. 

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experTaxTM : Easing your tax processes

experTaxTM is a safe cloud-based tax computation system that helps our clients to address the challenges faced by their current process using cutting edge technology. It is accredited and certified by Secforce, a leading global IT security provider. 

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