Market entry advisory & market studies

We help investors understand market conditions and opportunities in Myanmar, advising you on the most viable form of entry into the market.


  • Market research for a Chinese Oil & Gas corporation on the Oil & gas downstream operations in Myanmar
  • Feasibility studies on social infrastructure for a Japanese insurance company with its potential investment in Myanmar

How PwC can help

Market research and analysis

  • Identify key market segments and understand market dynamics
  • Estimate market size and growth
  • Assess general attractiveness and competitiveness of market
  • Understand key success factors of main market players

Market entry strategy

  • This market research generates insights to support your market entry strategy. For example, we can help identify the best opportunity for organic entry, acquisitions, JVs or other partnerships
  • Advise on foreign ownership restrictions

Case study


Our client, a Japanese corporation, was looking to enter the steel distribution and processing market in Myanmar.


  • Deep understanding the existing steel market in Myanmar via insights obtained in our interview programme of >50 experts
  • Discovered that demand for steel is strong and will continue to grow, and identified the most attractive parts of the value chain for our client
  • Proposed business plan for client to execute, with robust milestones to help achieve this

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