Joint venture & strategic alliance

We can help you assess the feasibility of your proposed partnership structure and provide overall establishment support.


  • Local partner identification, background checks and project management support on a joint venture (“JV”) investment in the automotive sector in Myanmar
  • Structuring advice and negotiation support on a JV investment in the oil and gas services sector in Myanmar.
  • JV establishment support on the set up of a business in the building materials sector in Myanmar.

How PwC can help

Partnership establishment support

  • Project management support: Manage overall process, timeline and communication with stakeholders
  • Negotiation support: Highlight considerations on the partnership structure, evaluate options and facilitate negotiations with business partners
  • Partner identification and background checks: Identify local partner based on investors’ criteria, perform background checks on local business partners and carry out site visits of their operations
  • Tax advisory, MIC application and set up: Advise on tax structuring matters, provide MIC application support, set up and implementation of the agreed partnership structure

Case study


Provided joint venture establishment support on the set up of a beverage manufacturing and distribution business in Myanmar.


  • Performed market study which found potential in this segment
  • Foreign corporate investor decided to enter the market with its local business partner subsequent to a due diligence exercise
  • Advised on the JV arrangements and structuring considerations
  • Provided implementation support for the Joint Venture

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