Business strategy

Our Strategy team can help you meet your growth ambitions in Myanmar. This includes helping you in

(a) evaluating your strategic direction, identifying growth opportunities and prioritising strategic initiatives and

(b) developing a business plan to execute your growth strategy.


  • Growth strategy for a leading consumer goods company in Myanmar, in support of its partnerships with a leading Japanese multinational
  • Growth strategy and business planning for the Myanmar subsidiary of a leading Asian conglomerate in the construction materials industry

How PwC can help

Growth Strategy

  • Assess the market and competitive environment to identify growth opportunities for your business (products/geographies/customers)
  • Formulate a roadmap to achieve your ambitions

Business Planning

  • Facilitate your preparation of a Business Plan to deliver on your strategy
  • Help identify the key initiatives needed (e.g. aligning organisation, supply chain, cost base, channel mix, distribution, marketing)
  • Depending on your needs, this can help:
    • Support capital raising
    • Find and negotiate with strategic partners
    • Develop an IPO roadmap

Case study


Our client, a Yangon-based automotive company, was looking to grow in the new market of car servicing


  • Studied the existing demand and supply of automotive servicing in Myanmar
  • Produced a Business Plan, including outline of the organisation structure and profit potential of this growth venture
  • Produced a document to communicate this, which was subsequently used in meetings with potential partners
  • As an outcome, the client entered into a JV with a leading global auto supplier

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