Digital Anywhere

Using digital technology to overcome business challenges

In these uncertain times, successful transformation—including digital transformation (DX)—can be the key to succeeding in business. PwC provides consulting and advisory services to help you use digital technologies to overcome various challenges and improve your enterprise value.

Through digital technology, PwC helps our clients overcome various business challenges and achieve sustainable growth.

Message from management

We live in uncertain times, where game-changing events frequently impact business. In this era of drastic change, the capability for companies to transform has become essential.

In particular, the worldwide spread of COVID-19 which began in early 2020 has brought irreversible changes to our society and economy, and has completely changed the way we consume and the way we work.

For companies to continue to grow under this ‘new normal’, digitalisation is only becoming more and more important. ‘Digital Anywhere’ means just that—that digitalisation is intrinsically intertwined with all types of management agendas. This includes strategy planning, value chains, asset management, IT systems, personnel training and the creation of new businesses. Companies need to weave together multiple themes (Digital Stories) to understand the big picture, whilst building trust through the establishment of systems for ensuring security and governance. In this way, you can achieve greater benefits from digital transformation, which will help you to succeed in this new era.

Hidetaka Jimba
CDO (Chief Digital Officer)
PwC Japan Group

Overview of our Digital Story

To drive digital transformation, from planning strategies to optimizing the capabilities necessary to carry them out, PwC believes in the importance of a big-picture approach.

We provide support for our clients’ efforts to adjust to this era of a ‘new normal’. This includes the business transformation necessary to achieve growth, and the trust and governance needed to protect businesses from data- and cybersecurity-related risks.

The following figure shows corporate management agendas related to digital technologies.

1. Digital strategy

‘Strategy through execution’
Through digital transformation (DX), we help our clients adjust to digitalization and other changes in social and industrial structures, in order to remain competitive in the market.

2. Digital transformation of value chains

We help our clients restructure their value chains and business processes by using new customer relationships and distribution channels.

3. Management infrastructure (performance management and corporate functions)

To help our clients become more data-driven, we help improve performance evaluation, investment management, financial management and business planning.

We also help build and strengthen governance systems to promote trust from the perspectives of assurance, tax and forensics.

4. IT platforms

We help our clients transform their existing IT systems and build new infrastructure aimed at better data utilization. Through data governance and AI governance, we also help build and strengthen trust.

5. Talent, organizations and culture

We help improve people analytics capabilities by combining technological data and dynamic IoT data obtained in the workplace, and establish data-driven solution planning and decision-making.

6. New digital businesses

In addition to helping our clients develop new businesses and conduct M&As that take advantage of digital technology, we also provide support for developing digital social infrastructures, such as smart cities, MaaS solutions, and digital healthcare ecosystems, while building and strengthening governance systems to promote business trust.

Industry-specific digital solutions

The PwC Japan Group maintains industry-specific teams of professionals who are able to provide clients with advanced solutions based on experience.

Key offerings

BXT (Business eXperience Technology)

PwC’s unique approach to successful business transformation

Business knowledge accumulated over many years. Unique experiences created by the catalysts at our Experience Center. The knowledge of technology experts who understand trends in fast-evolving digital technologies. By combining these three elements, we bring new ideas to your business and accelerate transformation. PwC uses BXT to support value creation in the digital age.

Fit for Growth

Transform your business to get ready for growth, by reducing costs based on your capabilities and making better use of your management resources.

PwC's Fit for Growth* is an approach for achieving growth while reducing costs through strategic cost-cutting and reallocation, with a proven track record of past success.

We help companies incorporate a digital mindset to better prepare themselves for growth.

*Fit for Growth is a trademark of PwC Strategy& in the US.

Cybersecurity and privacy

Building trust in the digital age

PwC provides a variety of services to help our clients with ‘defensive digital transformation’. Our cybersecurity consulting services provide assistance in the areas of corporate IT and OT (operational technology) systems and IoT. Our cybersecurity engineering services can help you identify vulnerabilities and evaluate resilience capabilities by simulating cyberattacks that use the tactics, techniques and procedures used by real attackers. And our privacy services can help you plan and launch privacy-friendly data utilization businesses based on global standards and the latest industrial trends.

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New world. New skills.

It’s time for us all to acquire the skills we need to live, learn, work and participate in a digital world.

The PwC global network plans to invest US$3bn on upskilling over the next four years. This investment will be used not only to train our staff, but also to develop and share technologies to support our clients and local communities. We believe that by joining our forces together, we will be able to foster successful talent who will play an important role in society. Through these initiatives, we aim to make the world a more resilient, capable and inclusive place.

Value creation in deals

A future-minded approach to M&A

In traditional M&A, due diligence usually consists of a thorough analysis of the target company and risk assessments. These days, however, with technology disruption and industry divergence, it is important to take an approach that focuses on creating value beyond the deal. PwC’s teams of professionals make use of digital technology to provide services that help you create more value from your deals.

Enhanced governance for DX management

To meet stakeholders’ expectations and continuously generate value, companies need to promote digital transformation and address risk governance to improve stability.

Based on our Assurance professionals’ knowledge of audit and assurance operations, internal controls and resilience building, and our Consulting professionals’ knowledge of DX strategy planning and implementation, we provide wide-ranging support to help you construct a governance framework for DX management.

Our digital vision: PwC’s digital endeavours

PwC Japan’s DX journey

To install a digital mindset in all of our people and to build an organization where they can improve their digital skills, the PwC Japan Group is engaged in a variety of endeavours, based on the three themes ‘Learn’, ‘Work’ and ‘Share’.

Working toward 2025: Our Assurance practice’s digital vision

PricewaterhouseCoopers Aarata LLC (PwC Aarata), a member firm of the PwC Japan Group, has laid out ‘Vision 2025’ as a model for the future we want to achieve.

As digitalization spreads and various incidents shake the foundations of trust in corporations and organizations, society’s expectations regarding trust grow ever higher. PwC Aarata aims to build trust in today’s digital society by granting trust, providing support to build trust and creating foundations for trust.

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Tomorrow’s audit, today

PwC Aarata’s vision is ‘to become the leading firm to build trust in a digital society.’ As we strive to transform our audit and advisory services, we aim to further improve audit quality by combining traditional auditing with a cutting-edge approach that uses AI and other technologies.

Tax technology and transformation

PwC Tax Japan’s dedicated tax technology team offers solutions that capitalize on various technologies, including robotic process automation (RPA), to transform corporate tax operations. We promote the digitalization of business processes in the tax domain and the co-creation of new value.

Key partners

Hidetaka Jimba

Partner, PwC Consulting LLC


Akira Kashima

Group Managing Partner (Strategy, Markets), PwC Japan