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PwC capitalizes on technology to overcome various business challenges, and supports its clients in achieving sustainable growth.

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In unpredictable times marked by abrupt paradigm shifts, notably pandemics, geopolitical risks, disasters, and climate change, the ability to transform has become a crucial capability for businesses. 

Management issues almost always involve digital approaches and solutions that are strongly intertwined with one another (Digital Anywhere). The key to leveraging the benefits of digital transformation is to adopt a holistic approach that addresses multiple larger themes (Digital Story), instead of implementing the individual digital solutions. 

PwC, hand in hand with its client, supports the construction of a mechanism that would not only allow the company to adapt to environmental changes, but also to constantly transform, and evolve.

PwC Japan Group
CDO (Chief Digital Officer)
Hidetaka Jimba

Overview of our Digital Story

In driving digital transformation, from strategy-planning to the optimization of capabilities required for execution, PwC believes in the importance of adopting a holistic approach. 

We support our clients' transformation ーa path towards growth, and a leap into the new normalー both by driving change (Transformation), and protecting business trust from data and cyber risks (Trust&Governance).

Digital management agendas are presented in the chart below.

1. Digital Strategy

“Strategy through execution”
Through Digital Transformation (DX), we help the company acquire the ability to adjust to digitalization, and other changes in social and industrial structures, in order to hold competitive power in the market.

2. Value Chain

We support the restructuring of value chains and business processes through the development of new customer relationships and distribution channels.

3. Management Infrastructure (Performance Management / Corporate Functions)

In helping our clients become data-driven, we help optimize performance evaluation, investment management, financial management, and business planning.

We also provide governance structure to ensure trust from the perspectives of assurance, tax, and forensics.

4. IT Platform

We support the transformation of existing IT systems, and the building of new infrastructure towards better data utilization. Through data governance and AI governance, we also help build and strengthen trust.

5. Talent, Organization, Culture

We help optimize the capabilities of people analytics by combining technology data and dynamic IoT data obtained in the workplace, and establish data-driven solution planning and decision-making.

6. New Digital Business

In addition to helping develop new businesses or conducting M&A that capitalize on technology, we also design digital social infrastructures, such as smart cities, MaaS, and digital healthcare ecosystems, while building and strengthening governance to ensure business trust.


PwC Japan Group maintains industry specific specialist teams of professionals who are experts in their industries and able to provide clients with advanced solutions of the highest expertise.

Key Offerings

BXT(Business eXperience Technology)

An approach unique to PwC key to success in business change

Business knowledge accumulated throughout the years. Unique experiences created by catalysts at Experience Center. Knowledge of technologists: experts in the trends of the fast-evolving digital technologies. By combining these 3 elements, we bring new ideas to your business, and accelerate transformation. Through BXT (Business eXperience Technology), PwC supports value creation in the digital age.


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Fit For Growth 

Transformation towards growth―cost reduction based on capabilities and optimization of management resources.

PwC's Fit for Growth* is an approach that achieves growth while reducing costs through strategic cost-cutting and reallocation, and is a proven model with numerous examples of successful transformation. 

Incorporating a digital mindset, we support your journey in becoming a company better fit for growth.

*Fit for Growth is a trademark of PWC STRATEGY& US. 

Cyber Security & Privacy

Towards trust-building in the digital age.

PwC supports clients' “defensive DX” from different angles. Cyber Security Consulting supports in the areas of corporate IT systems, OT (Operational Technology) systems, and IoT. Cyber security engineering conducts co-ordinated attacks against client companies based on the tactics, techniques, and procedures of real attackers to identify vulnerabilities and evaluate resilience capabilities. Privacy service supports the planning and execution of privacy-friendly data utilization businesses based on global standards and the latest trends in the industry.

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New World. New Skills.

It is time for everyone to acquire the skills necessary to live, learn, work, and participate in a digital world.

PwC Global Network plans to invest US$3 billion on "upskilling" over the next 4 years. This is not only directed towards the education of our staff, but also towards the development and sharing of technologies that support our clients and local communities.We believe that by joining our forces together, we will be able to raise successful talents that would play an important role in society. Through these initiatives, we aim to make the world a more resilient, more capable, and more inclusive place.

Value Creation in Deals

A M&A approach required in the future.

Traditional M&A commonly took a due diligence approach that consisted of a thorough analysis of the target company, and risk assessments. However, with technology disruption and industry divergence, it is important to take a value creation approach that focuses on creating value beyond the deals. PwC ensures no value is left on the table by capitalizing on technology, and by bringing together our capabilities across the M&A lifecycle.

Digital Vision -PwC’s digital endeavours

Digital Vision in Assurance for 2025

PwC Aarata, member firm of PwC Japan Group has laid out “Vision 2025” that defines its ideal state.

While “digital society” is gaining speed, we will serve various needs for “trust” as a leading firm to build trust in the digital society through a quality-driven approach for it is the most critical foundation for our business. 

PwC Aarata aims to achieve three objectives: “Granting trust,” “Supporting trust-building,” and “Creating a foundation for trust.”

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Tomorrow’s Audit, Today

PwC Aarata’s vision is “To become the leading firm to build trust in a digital society.” As we strive to transform audit and advisory service, we aim to further improve audit quality by combining traditional auditing with a cutting-edge approach that capitalizes on artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies.

Tax Technology and Transformation

PwC Tax includes a team dedicated to tax technology, and offers solutions that capitalize on various technologies, including robotics process automation (RPA), in order to transform corporate tax operations. We strive to promote the digitalization of business processes in the tax domain, and the co-creation of new values.


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Digital Fitness

Digital Fitness is a learning tool application developed by PwC, which allows everyone and anyone to gain a deeper understanding and knowledge of the digital world. (In English)

Key Members

Akira Kashima

Group Managing Partner (Strategy, Markets), PwC Japan


Hidetaka Jimba

Partner, PwC Consulting LLC