We use science and data to simulate individual human physiology

We are each different, each "individual." So why should decisions be made about us - such as the drugs and treatments we need - be based on common (a.k.a. average) practices and 'Big Data' which tries to compare our individuality to some statistical mean?"

Big data creates data-driven models based on past experiences of populations to make broad predictions about future ones. As good as statistics can be, they rely on the assumption that the past will point the way to the future rather than truly understanding all of the moving parts that contribute to the future.

Bodylogical® is PwC’s scientifically-developed predictive engine that mechanistically simulates the human body and its functions. Currently focused on chronic lifestyle diseases, this engine mirrors the body’s own physiological systems—circulatory, respiratory, digestive, endocrine, renal, and more—to create a unique model of every unique life.

This model is dynamic. If a drug or lifestyle intervention makes a change to one system or even multiple systems, Bodylogical® quickly computes the impact on other systems and the overall health of the body.

Japanese Version

Bodylogical® is ready for Japan

The model has been successfully calibrated to represent drug and lifestyle response in thousands of Japanese patients. Our testing and validation approach and findings have been presented at international scientific conferences.

Pharmaceutical research & drug development

Simulate clinical trials to reduce the cost and time required for a drug to reach the market

The cost of getting a new drug to market is unsustainable. Only a fraction of the drugs that are tested make it into the market. Running virtual clinical trials with Bodylogical® throughout drug development allows researchers to test hypotheses with the potential to improve the probability of success, thereby cutting invaluable time and expense out of the drug discovery process.

The right treatment for the right people

Simulate real-world scenarios to better identify and target those who would benefit the most from specific drugs and therapies

Once a drug is in the market, Bodylogical® allows simulating the effects of lifestyle and drug adherence on efficacy in real world conditions to help identify additional indications of a single disease state’s contribution to a larger group of comorbidities, identify undiagnosed patient cohorts and build additional effect hypotheses which can all lead to maximizing outcomes for patients.

Population health

Simulate every unique individual in your population to predict population level response to interventions before investing in programs

The cost of poor health affects patients first. After that, it falls to the organizations that assume the financial risk of people becoming ill. Using health’s Big Data together with Bodylogical® to simultaneously simulate a large number of unique individual health trajectories brings new insights into how a population responds to health interventions. Payers can target those at risk and those likely to respond to interventions thereby optimizing a health and social return on investment.

Corporate wellness

Increase productivity of individual employees by identifying and engaging those who are most susceptible to absenteeism

Productivity losses and care costs related to absenteeism are a major concern for large employers. Employers can leverage Japan’s health-checkup data with Bodylogical to better monitor and manage the health and wellness of individual employees.

Engaging individuals

Unparalleled insights into the future of your own and your family’s health and well-being at your fingertips

Bodylogical® can work with health data from wearables, connected health devices and your medical records customizing to your individual uniqueness through apps that help you identify the specific things that can deliver the most improvement for you and for those that matter to you the most.

High-performance athletes

Optimise training options today to understand how best to win tomorrow

Bodylogical® bridges the gap between improvement and perfection by giving clear line of sight to optimised recovery and potential peak performance letting athletes simulate all possible training options to custom-pick the ones that works the best for them.