Integrated due diligence

Financial Due Diligence

A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Through our comprehensive due diligence services, we'll help ensure that this is one danger to which your business will not be exposed.

Are you buying what you think you are at the right price? Experience shows that the degree to which an acquisition proves beneficial for your company is closely related to the amount and quality of due diligence carried out before the deal goes ahead.

We analyse and validate financial, commercial, operational and strategy assumptions underpinning the deal. Our in-depth reviews uncover the reality of historical data to give you well grounded opinions to assist you in your assessment of a company's prospects. We also help you use the due diligence findings to their full advantage during the deal negotiation.

Commercial Due Diligence

We provide you with unique insights into your interested market including industry trends, potential market size, pricing, costing, competition and distribution. We aim to provide you with an independent assessment of the market assumptions made in the projection prepared by the target. As a direct result, we identify potential upsides/downsides in the projection and provide you with key insights to help you develop your market entry strategy.

IT Due Diligence

We can provide both pre- and post-deal services that will allow you to gain an early insight into the target's IT management and organisation, identify merger issues on IT operation and technology, and plan for a successful integration of information systems. Our service offerings include assessment of legacy IT systems to meet future needs, assessment of valuation related IT and internet metrics, transition planning and project management, and IT organisation and staffing reviews.

Internal Controls Due Diligence

Many companies are now requesting a controls review as part of the due diligence process when making an acquisition or entering into a joint venture. This is particularly relevant where the new subsidiary is located in a different country where there may be a less developed corporate governance / internal control framework. A "Controls Due Diligence" review is necessary to gain early warning of any key control weaknesses in the target companies.

HR due diligence

We can provide both pre- and post-deal services that will allow you to gain an early insight into the target’s HR management and organisation, identify merger issues on HR-related matters, and plan for a successful integration of HR processes, policies, procedures and people. Our service offerings include assessment of  current organization and practices in respect to organisation structure, HR policies and practices, employee benefits, compensation, retention, people integration complexity, and labour laws compliance assessment.

Operational due diligence

We assist the client to provide a better understanding of the overall organisational and operational governance of the Target, including assessment of internal control functions and business continuity plans and to identify operational risks at the early stage of the transaction.

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