Operational leaders must become a linchpin in achieving company profitability and growth goals. Sound operations management transcends daily business requirements and builds competitive advantage. It requires forward, innovative thinking and agile response to rapidly changing markets, technologies and global cost structures.

Our global operations practice connects clients’ strategies with execution. We start with the premise that operations can and should be a strategic asset, and we bring the industry, functional and technology depth required to rapidly close the gap between ideas and results. Whether it’s innovating to drive growth, strategically reducing costs, improving operational flexibility or managing risk, we have what it takes to be your partner of choice.

We’ll help you with:

Operation Strategy and Transformation

We help you design an operating model that delivers your business strategy, and then make it a reality. Your future business growth and profitability goals guide us. And we draw insight from customers, processes, technology, information, structure and people. Implementation is collaborative, multi-dimensional and driven to produce rapid results. We’ll give you practical and full answers to your most complex questions based on our experience.

Business Programme/Project Management

You can successfully implement a programme/project by creating structured business management governance of either a single project or a complex programme of integrated projects. PwC, as a Project Management Institute Corporate Council member, leverages proven business programme/project management practices and tools to help you prioritise projects and/or make sure you achieve the desired results in terms of cost, quality, time and scope. These practices and tools are tailored to the complexity of the programme/project and capabilities of your project teams. As a result, project implementation can be coordinated and orderly with full management visibility that leads to benefits.


Growth comes with knowing your customer

A clear understanding of what customers want, need and value most can give way to a competitive advantage. We use a values-based approach to know the needs and expectations of real consumers, and examine their experiences with an economic filter. This method can be the difference between simply listening to customers and truly getting to know them.

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Sales, Channels, Distribution

Frontline engagement drives sales productivity and a company's ability to deliver a superior customer experience and growth goal. We use proven methodology to give you an external opinion on your Sales, Channels and Distribution operations maturity and areas for improvement. We bring a clear set of issues, agreed solutions and guidance on ‘how to change’. Our Sales, Channels and Distribution diagnostics framework coupled with our broad industry knowledge will help you enhance customer experience, promote efficiency and achieve profitability.

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Product Innovation and Development

You need to turn ideas into results. We help you bring innovative business models, offerings, products, services and solutions to the market. These services will meet your customers’ needs fast and cost effectively. We help you grow and gain additional market share by enhancing innovation capabilities, bringing efficiency to the R&D process and improving the customer experience. Our depth across the spectrum of innovation strategy, product/service strategy, development project execution, global development operations, and product lifecycle management helps you achieve this.

Procurement and Sourcing

Robust contract and supplier management capabilities will help you realise savings, achieve targeted service levels, and proactively manage risks. We help you transform procurement into a strategic, commercially focused function with strong, cross-enterprise linkages and financial impact. We rapidly identify and realise cost savings, while improving service levels and mitigating risk. We also guide you through choosing and implementing mission-critical outsourced or shared services and capital programs.

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Production and Supply Chain Operations

We work with you to develop and implement production and supply chain strategies that balance flexibility and cost goals, while delivering superior performance and competitive advantage. We help define and implement leading, technology-enabled planning capabilities that define customer demand and align capacity across the enterprise and extended supply chain. We improve customer demand fulfilment and return on inventory. In the production area, we work to improve the cost, service and quality of in-house and outsourced operations. We help improve delivery logistics, like transportation and warehousing, while balancing cost and service objectives. In the often neglected area of post-sales support, we work to lower costs and increase customer satisfaction by improving field service, reverse logistics, spare parts and warranty/repair operations.

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Service Operations

We’ll help you deliver the desired customer experience efficiently and effectively by harmonising customer interface, customer engagement, service delivery and back office operations. By doing so, you can cost-effectively fulfil your service mission and win customer loyalty.

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Business Continuity Management

Modern business is fast-paced. So, even wasting a few hours can have a catastrophic impact on profitability and reputation that might damage an organisation’s long term viability.

Business continuity management (BCM) will help prevent operational interruptions, crises and disasters. And it will help organisations quickly return to a normal if any of these events happen. Business continuity plans (BCP) will test and exercise BCM to make sure it will perform as anticipated.

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Knowledge Management

We help you sync knowledge management to your business needs, which enhances business value. Fully integrated knowledge management activities within organisational culture implies that it’s part of an organisation’s DNA.

We’ll devise a social media and collaboration strategy that fits your business and corporate culture, and embraces all relationships. We innovate solutions in the fields of search and knowledge management and think integrally about processes, systems, security, data protection and associated legal risks. We wrap up by evaluating the impact of your strategy.

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Asset Lifecycle Management

We help you improve your installed asset base and capital expenditures through capital portfolio management, effective project selection, and robust strategies to operate and maintain assets. We see you through end-to-end processes, like planning, designing, procuring, constructing/implementing, commissioning and decommissioning complex greenfield or brownfield projects. We also help you improve the upkeep and reliability of vital assets by applying leading practices in identifying, planning, scheduling and executing maintenance activities. Our asset management capabilities include fleet and real estate management.

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