Sales, Channels, Distribution

We help you by

  • Comprehensively reviewing your overall performance relating to sales, channels and distribution
  • Aligning sales, channels and distribution management with your strategic direction
  • Pointing out your capabilities to deliver the expected customer experience
  • Finding opportunities through diagnostic and route-cause analysis evidence
  • Pinpointing quick wins to achieve short-term targets, and
  • Fulfilling business efficiency objects to achieve sustainable growth.

Our Sales, Channels and Distribution Diagnostics Framework

Our proven framework lets your business grow successfully. It helps us assess your company’s state of sales, channels and distribution in the areas of strategy, process, people and IT. We give a comprehensive, but non-trivial view of the sales organisation, including supporting operational functions, that frames high-level business issues with suitable detail. We’ll help you transform your financial and operational performance, and recommend strategic and tactical changes to deliver the best customer experience.

Our Sales, Channels and Distribution Maturity Model

Our model focuses on measuring each part of a business performance area. It highlights gaps, specific opportunities to improve performance, and areas where the organisation appears to be achieving a reasonably acceptable level of performance. It helps us to pinpoint specific solutions that are tailored to your desired area of improvement.

The maturity results, presented as quantitative and qualitative data, are turned into initiatives that form the Sales, Channels and Distribution Transformation Roadmap. The generic model and its description (see below) combined with our global industry knowledge create the right maturity model for you.

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