Integration process after M&A (PMI)

M&A executed by Japanese companies have been recently increasing both in the number and amount, and the success of M&A is assumed to depend on integration process (PMI). While there are cases in which investment is made to develop markets and accelerate growth, unfortunately the expected results were not sufficiently achieved as the expected integration process and synergy creation were not progressed.

PwC is fully aware of the challenges and pitfalls to be faced in the integrate phase as well as how to overcome them and be successful from experiences in supporting various PMI projects. We will promote the speedy integration process after the acquisition and provide support in the creation of synergies and in solving issues in order to improve business value.

Team capability to support a wide range of integration projects

Professional teams that have developed the methodology and approach to support integration will provide prompt support for solving problems based on their extensive experience in a wide range of projects, such as large-scale integration projects and cross-border PMI that involved multiple countries and regions.

Smooth project start-up by preparing from the pre-dealing stage

We support the promotion of integration while maintaining and improving the motivation for success by being involved in projects from the pre-dealing stage and quickly launching projects from before and after the deal closure. In addition, we will also support the development of a roadmap to realize the maximization of the value of M&A, which includes increasing the value of the business, by reanalyzing the business to make priority in activities at an early stage.

Collaboration with various professional teams to solve issues

Professional members in management strategy, organization and human resources, operations (sales and marketing, R&D, production, procurement, etc.), IT, compliance, financial, tax, and other areas are ready to be assigned to provide practical advice according to challenges in integration.


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