Performance Assurance


Many organisations report and make decisions based on information which is unreliable, inconsistent and misleading. There is an increasing burden of external reporting and compliance - be it from shareholders/investors, customers/suppliers, regulators, government bodies/departments and NGOs.

Non-financial performance information is becoming increasingly important to all organisations regardless of sector. It is widely recognised that short and long term financial performance are predicated on sound performance information. Confidence in performance information is essential as it forms the basis on which key decisions are made by management, boards and external stakeholders.

We help our clients and their key stakeholders build confidence in their performance information to make well informed decisions. We do this by:

  • Advising on controls and process improvement, providing internal comfort that performance information is reported correctly,
  • Providing independent assurance over the process and controls used to manage performance information,
  • Assurance to support external (including regulatory), corporate responsibility and carbon reporting, or reporting over third party service providers,
  • Providing third party assurance using defined reporting standards, and
  • Providing advice and assurance over corporate responsibility and sustainability reporting


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