Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

is a performance issue

Good corporate governance is a foundation attribute for a healthy organisation. It sets the tone as to how the organisation operates and behaves both internally and to the market generally. It defines the relationship between the Board of Directors, management and the rest of the organisation. It is a performance issue.

A comprehensive corporate governance framework will address:

  • oversight of the company's performance and the contribution to corporate success from the Board of Directors in the context of the company's strategic goals and objectives
  • the relationship of the Board with the President or Chief Executive Officer
  • appointment and performance of the Directors
  • board membership, conduct, operations and performance
  • the ethical tone for the organisation and the transparency of its conduct
  • effective oversight of risk management, corporate compliance and the integrated framework of internal controls
  • communication, reporting and information flows between the Board and management
  • communication with and protecting the rights and interests of shareholders and all other stakeholders
  • division of responsibility between the Board and management
  • reliability of financial reporting, both internal and external.


Comprehensive, expert knowledge

Our knowledge of corporate governance best practices and solutions is global in its orientation. We use our world-wide network of corporate governance experts to monitor and analyse international developments for the benefit of our Thai clients.

Our firm has been at the forefront of the corporate governance reform process internationally and in Thailand. We have established a dedicated corporate governance practice in Bangkok to advise clients on governance matters and have had extensive involvement in assisting the government, regulatory bodies to establish new regulations and guidance for improved corporate governance.

Practical solutions, credible experience

Our record and reputation in corporate governance consulting has been built on delivering effective, focussed, practical, and tailored solutions. They reflect the new Thai corporate governance principles, as established by the Stock Exchange of Thailand, and the application of global best practices in the context of the Thai corporate and regulatory system.

We have recognised skills in assessing governance practices and identifying possible areas for improvement in an operational context, having worked with and advised many international and Thai leading companies. We have hands-on experience in assisting clients to implement our recommendations.

A proven approach and tools

We have developed a benchmarking tool which identifies internationally recognised practices for good corporate governance. This tool was developed by our Global Corporate Governance Center and has been applied extensively in practice. It is tailored to Thailand's Corporate Governance principles and focuses on issues which are of greatest relevance to Thai companies.

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