Cyber defence

Organisations face many challenges when building a proactive cyber defence and detection capability. As cyber threats become more sophisticated, you need cybersecurity that not only protects your business today, but provides proactive defence against new and emerging threats so you can confidently adapt to new challenges.

We provide data-driven defence and detection services that use machine learning and automation to deliver enhanced protection and visibility into potential attacks. Our technical and business expertise means we also give clarity and context around the security decisions that matter to your organisation.

Transforming your threat detection and response

Hunt the hunters

Clear and accurate detection by one of the most advanced teams in the world that will help you detect near real-time emerging risks and threats.

Real-time investigation

Rapid response, collaborative recovery support, and helps to build long-term resilience to prevent future breaches.

Automated response

Develop, coordinate and communicate a response plan to ensure reduce impact in the organisations and ongoing operations.

Our offerings

Managed Threat Detection and Response

Understand cyber security risks and stay ahead of threats.

Cyber security incidents have become inevitable...

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Proactive cyber defence

You’re not alone - our people are on hand to help you develop, coordinate, and communicate a response plan. We’ll be responsible to facilitate informing the organisation on how to minimise the impact and keep operations running.

  • Multilayered malware protection. To identify and block commodity and unknown or targeted malware before it can execute.
  • Blocked malicious files and applications. If an executable file or macro attempts to run, we’ll analyses it in a secure sandbox and block any threats.
  • Exploit prevention. We’ll stop known, zero day and unpatched vulnerabilities. And we’ll protect programmed that are commonly attacked - including web browsers, office applications, email clients and document readers.
  • Ransomware protection. To block new or unknown variants, based on behavior, before they can encrypt data and spread on your network.

  • Near real-time detection. We’ll detect, investigate and analyses root causes of threat activity at all stages of the attack lifecycle.
  • World-class threat intelligence. Combined with comprehensive behavioral monitoring of more than 700 unique attacker tactics, techniques, and procedures.
  • Rule base mapped to MITRE ATT&CK techniques. We constantly update our rule base to detect new and emerging attacker behavior’s
  • Automated analytics and context enrichment. To cut the time between detection and response down to seconds or minutes.

  • Malicious activity blocked, with minimal business impact. We’ll terminate and quarantine suspicious processes to prevent further damage - without harming your ability to collect malware samples and forensic evidence.
  • Isolate attackers from the network. We’ll isolate suspected or known compromised machines, on or off your network.
  • Forensic evidence captured quickly. We’ll capture malicious files and forensic evidence, using dynamic sandbox analysis or manual reverse engineering.

  • Ongoing, proactive hunting.
    • Leads that are automatically created by contextual tagging of unusual behavior 
    • Complement with targeted hunting, based on your unique environmental risks, changes to your threat landscape, or through intelligence on new attack campaigns and techniques.
  • Machine learning analytics.
    • We augment human experience with machine learning analytics, which can highlight subtle behavioral changes in petabytes of data. 
    • Our approach uses time, entity, and peer-group models to quickly spot anomalies which suggest highly evasive threats, this means we can priorities mitigation before threats become breaches.

Act now. Don’t pay the costs later

  • Keep your teams working and providing a great service - rather than getting taken down for hours, days or weeks.
  • Meet your respective data privacy regulation, such as PDPA, GDPR requirements, on time to avoid fines.
  • Keep building strong, trusted relationships with customers and business partners, not paying compensation as they walk out the door.
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