Internal and external developments cause our clients to push their value chain functions driving business growth and the effectiveness of the policy execution. We focus on helping clients design and implement plans for sustainable improvement, reduced cost and increased quality to maintain and enhance their competitive advantage. We support clients in transforming their capabilities to be agile and responsive to a constantly changing environment.

Issue and challenges

  • What are some of the significant changes in both customer markets and sourcing locations?
  • How are supply chain models (e.g. tolling, contract manufacturing, increasing use of third party providers) evolving?
  • What benefits can you reap from regional supply chain footprints (i.e. cross-border activities throughout the value chain)?
  • How can organisations manage rapid growth, particularly in emerging markets with limited business skills?
  • How can new acquisitions be integrated into the organisation to realise synergies and economies of scale?
  • Should non-core aspects of the business remain in-house, or be outsourced to leverage others’ capabilities and scale?

How we can help

  • Assist with operations transformation, including business model (re)design, operational performance management, organisational design, post merger integration
  • Assist with supply chain management - sales and operations planning, network design, demand and supply planning, inventory management, transportation and logistics management
  • Assist with strategic sourcing and procurement, including strategic sourcing, spend analysis, contract compliance and supplier management, emerging market sourcing
  • Assist with the preparation for economic uncertainty by creating operational agility and optimum leverage of location
  • Assist organisations to achieve operational agility by identifying areas that would be better sourced out versus operated in-house, channelling the savings to areas of desired investments/growth.
  • Assist in designing and establishing regional management centers addressing and leveraging sourcing, operational, and taxation issues.

Your benefits

Supply chain

  • Reduced cost and complexity in supply chain structures
  • Improved controls and governance 

Business services transformation

  • A clear overarching group model under which to align local business initiatives with each other
  • Cost-effective delivery of support services, with flexibility to adapt to changing business environments
  • Ability to centralise a model on a modular basis (e.g. by function, by country)
  • Growth or expansion of services

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