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An ever-changing digital world

Intelligent Automation (IA) and artificial intelligence (AI) are ushering in the fourth industrial revolution or the second machine age by disrupting and creating new business models. In order to thrive in the digital revolution, we must balance business understanding with technology innovation and human insight.

Intelligence Automation Webinar Series 

Does the slow adoption of automation in cybersecurity leave organisations at an increased risk?

Join us on our IA  webinar series where we explore a different business challenge in each episode. Not only can you expect real problem solving, but you can also learn how different technologies and tools work together to create an integrated solution to suit your business needs. In every episode, we will also have an interactive session where you can pose questions to various industry experts and our PwC consultants.

First session: Does the slow adoption of automation in cybersecurity leave organisations at an increased risk?

17 July 2020, 4PM-5PM (GMT+8)

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Building blocks to becoming an Intelligent Enterprise

IA is the layering of automation and intelligent technologies that enable organisations to harness technologies to transform the way the work and the way they deliver their services. It has profound transformational benefits and organisational implications that require robust operational excellence and organizational change to be successful.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) interfaces with existing applications and automates high volume, repeatable tasks. RPA transforms how businesses deal with manual processes, freeing up staff for customer focused and value added activities. This is a critical first step to creating operational data and capacity that traditionally had not existed.

Augmented Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) and sophisticated machine learning algorithms are already working behind the scenes of many familiar technologies and applications. However, the potential of these cognitive technologies to make an impact in a B2B environment has yet to be fully realised. By leveraging the capabilities of AI, organisations are able to augment their core human-driven processes such as data manipulation, exception management and continuous straight-through processing (STP) improvement unlocking the value across all areas of the business.

Conversational Intelligence

Intelligent conversational interfaces are the simplest way for businesses to interact with devices, services, customers, suppliers and employees everywhere. Adding virtual agents or chat bot technologies for internal employees and external B2B/B2C interactions, enquiries and support.

Unlock value and Real-time decisions

Unlocking the value of data to provide deeper insights enabling real-time decision making throughout the value chain. In order to do this, intelligent automation solutions must focus on long-term strategy and value drivers.

Way forward: Four questions to ask to get the most out of IA+A

Intelligent Enterprise is a unique opportunity in the market to drive generational and digital shifts in the business, operational and technology imperatives of organisations. A successful intelligent enterprise is one that treats automation as more than just a technology and realises its impact on all areas of the business – the people, the culture and the processes. Reframe your automation discussion with these four questions.

Business processes

Do we understand our business processes and pain points?

While it’s easy to jump to technology, that’s often the last piece of the puzzle. Once you’ve identified problem areas you can determine the approach: Do you want small automation sprints to attack discrete areas? Or do you want to reimagine the process with optimal orchestration between human and digital labour? The end game is always the same: playing to the strengths of both people and machines.


Are people and culture at the heart of our strategy?

IA and automation will impact how your enterprise thinks about the future of work and its workforce. From culture and mind-set to job design to governance, the journey to becoming an intelligent enterprise will fundamentally shift the way your people work. 


Will out efforts be sustainable through robust governance?

Unrealistic expectations and failure to scale are the two key challenges that need to be adequately managed during the transformation journey. In order to overcome these challenges, organisations need to build a sustainable risk and governance framework.


How is our tech ecosystem evolving to meet our goals?

The implementation of new technology is not the end of an organisations journey to becoming an intelligent enterprise. However, these technological tools alone won’t make breakthrough gains possible. Selecting the right combination of additional technologies is how intelligence is added to automation and how organisations can continually optimise business processes.

How we can help

Our front to back digitalisation holistic approach focuses on achieving strategic coherence between people, process and technology. This coupled with our various perspectives and expertise, we can help our clients on their journey to becoming an intelligent enterprise.


Our IA+A finance solution provides a platform that aims to solve a combination of common challenges arising from managing multiple vendors to complex finance systems with excessive data movements, reconciliations, multiple chart of accounts, lack of policies, procedures leading to highly inconsistent processes and higher operational costs. The finance solution weaves together the new age techniques: Robotics Process Automation (RPA), intelligent cognitive techniques, conversational bots and deep learning that help back offices automate accounting, payment reconciliation, HR including payroll, on-boarding, operations, reporting & compliance and freeing staff to work on value added job.

HR Automation

We integrate with your existing HR processes and solutions to automate employee onboarding, benefits, payroll, and other areas that include high-volume transactional tasks. We enable your HR professionals to be human-centric and true business partners rather than spending  their energy on administrative tasks.


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