Environment stewardship

Managing our footprint and delivering sustained outcomes

We are seeing the impacts of climate change all around us. In line with our purpose, we are committed to decarbonising our business, to working with our clients and suppliers to tackle their climate impact, and ultimately to being a contributing member of the net zero economy.

At PwC Singapore, we take a proactive approach towards sustainability transformation including nurturing an ESG conscious workforce. This forms part of our efforts to achieve our network-wide, near term science-based commitment to reach net zero with 2030 goals.

Raising awareness through Ecological Week

Every year in conjunction with World Environment Day, our PwC Singapore community comes together to celebrate Ecological Week.

Through engaging and thought-provoking activities, we drive home a simple yet critical message - that small lifestyle changes can bring big impact in shaping a greener tomorrow.

For Ecological Week 2023, our people participated in various engaging activities in line with our net zero targets and commitment. These include fashion swap parties (donation and exchange of secondhand clothes), hands on seminars on revamping of unused clothes, eco-planting workshops and bike clean-up drives.

These initiatives seek to inspire our community to make simple and effective lifestyle shifts to be more sustainable, and to reaffirm our commitment to building a cleaner and greener future.

Lunch and learn: Sustainability edition

As we continue our culture of environmental stewardship, in the current financial year, we are focusing our efforts on two key ESG priorities: creating an ESG conscious workforce, and achieving net zero by 2030. In our upcoming lunch and learn session, hosted by our Sustainability and Climate Change Leader, Fang Eu-Lin, we will be keeping our people abreast and plugged in into our current and upcoming sustainability actions - most importantly to get all our partners and people on board on our firmwide sustainability journey.

Zero Emissions Day: microgreens

With food security increasingly becoming a national priority, this activity was designed to introduce urban farming to our people and through hands-on learning on growing nutrient-dense microgreens which are not only quick to grow but also tasty.

This activity plays a key role in enabling our people to grow their own greens from farm to fork and play a role in strengthening Singapore’s food security.

Upskilling for a sustainable future

Change starts from within. It is therefore imperative that our people understand ESG issues, recognise how we at PwC can make a difference, and are inspired to apply ESG awareness to their day-to-day roles.

In 2021, we rolled out our firmwide ESG Essentials curriculum for all partners and staff. This is part of our worldwide effort to provide robust foundational knowledge of the importance of ESG and trends and developments around climate change.

Tracking our environmental impact (as of FY22)


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