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Data Assurance

Optimise your data assets. Make faster and better decisions. Work more efficiently and save money. Find new sources of revenue. Capitalise on the untapped business intelligence you already own.

Read more on our Data Analytics and see how we can help you uncover your next bold moves.

Tap into the power of your data

Giving you assurance over your data 

With businesses becoming more complex and customers more demanding, organisations like yours need to move fast to breakthrough the data barriers. 

In doing so, you will uncover new opportunities, make faster and accurate decisions,  improve customer experience, and identify potential risks. 

We can help you get comfort over their data and gain assurance that it meets their business needs. Discover more on how we can help you. 

See into the future

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PwC and Alteryx

The Alteryx Analytic Process Automation (APA) PlatformTM, combined with PwC’s digital transformation experience, helps empower organisations to achieve solutions – faster.

Standing out

PwC positioned as a Leader in Gartner 2021 Magic Quadrant for Data and Analytics Service Providers. Read more

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Top data assurance issues you may be facing

  • You need experts and tools to audit a big volume of data or there are multiple sources of data requiring normalisation and consistency; 
  • You would like to ensure there are preventive and detective controls in place to ensure completeness, integrity or accuracy of data;
  • You would like to investigate large discrepancies noted between systems;
  • You would like to initiate regular reconciliation between systems;
  • You would like to prepare regular dashboard to different stakeholders;
  • You would like to automate reconciliation between systems or re-computations which are required under IFRS requirements such as IFRS 9, IFRS 17, interest re-computation etc;
  • You would like to generate regular exception reports for monitoring purposes;
  • You need to prepare data to migrate to new systems: with Computer Assisted Auditing Techniques (CAATs) as an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tool;
  • You need to assess the completeness, integrity or accuracy of data upon go live of new system.

Using data and analytics to build trust

Effective analytics starts with trusted data.

You’re using your data to drive business innovation, so there’s no room for error. Data quality begins with solid data governance. It has to be well-organised, relevant, accurate, and understandable. We’ll help create your data framework, build the strategy, optimise your infrastructure, processes and systems, and create the culture to become a data-driven organisation.

Turn your data into a superpower

So you have the right data architecture and can rely on your data quality. Now what do you do with it? That’s where predictive analytics comes in. It uses your data to give you the potential to act - not react. Use risk analytics to spot fraud before it happens. Gather customer insights to know how many people you need on the shop floor, weeks in advance. Predict and optimise deals through mergers and acquisition data. Filter the signal from the noise and look ahead with confidence. We’ll show you how it all works, every step of the way.

Do what you do today. Even better.

Every function, in every business, in every industry, can work more effectively. For instance, analytics can help you understand and optimise the end to end value chain in the Retail Industry and manage operational costs. Rationalise technology and gain customer insights. Boost growth through strategic pricing models and data-driven marketing. The result? Maximised profits.

Discover the unknown business opportunities

If data is the new oil, business innovation comes when you know where and how to strike it. Together, we’ll explore emerging  technologies, test innovative ideas, and uncover ways to rethink the way you do business.

How can we help?

Our data transformation specialists help you set the strategic direction and vision for your data transformation journey while aligning the right technology, culture, and governance.

Building your foundation

  • Gap analysis between current data and your requirements to meet your corporate objectives

  • Assist in the implementation of the data strategy

  • Define the data architecture and data dictionary/business glossary

  • Perform data cleansing

Strengthening governance

  • Review the data strategy and governance

  • Review or assist in implementation of the data management process

Future-proof your data strategy

  • Assist in the data transformation

  • Implement the data warehouse/mining/BI

  • Automate your reports

How Data Analytics is helping organisations measure their ESG progression?

Knowing how your organisation’s Environmental, Social, and Governance initiatives are performing is no longer a nice to have insight. It is a must.

Get data-driven insights. People and tech working together means you can see more, go deeper and act faster to make ESG-driven changes.

PwC Mauritius - Data Assurance

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PwC and Alteryx: leveraging analytic process automation to power digital transformation

Alteryx APA Platform delivers end-to-end automation of analytics, machine learning, and data science processes; enabling the agility needed to accelerate digital transformation. This helps organisations and individuals improve their digital acumen and can allow them to share their innovations across an enterprise and accelerate business outcomes.

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Key benefits

  • More control on your data;
  • More accurate sampling – based on exception reports;
  • Can audit full population or larger and more representative sampling;
  • Gain efficiency and save on time for recurrent testing
  • Data compliance and cost/resources optimisation


Driving quality and consistency through a risk-based approach.

Aura, our global ERP system, makes sure work gets done one way - the right way - globally and locally. It is used by over 100,000 auditors worldwide, on every PwC audit. Aura ensures our teams take a consistent, focused and efficient approach to audit risk. 

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How can Aura help in your audit?

  • A better understanding of your business due to end-to-end visibility of the audit process.
  • A greater focus on the things that matter thanks to a systematic risk-based approach.
  • Our pre-loaded risk software helps teams to identify the relevant risks and perform the right work to address them.
  • Consistency and quality of audit delivery across our entire client base.
  • Real-time monitoring of engagement quality and progress is available securely on mobile devices, anytime, anywhere.


Understanding your business and gaining deeper insights

Halo, our data auditing technology, tests huge volumes of business-critical data, analysing whole populations, improving risk assessment, analysis and testing, and unlocking a wealth of insight. Halo is revolutionising our audits by harnessing the power of data.

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How can Halo help in your audit?

  • Enables a greater understanding of your business to enhance audit quality.
  • A combined trend and ratio analysis provides you with insights using information we already receive as part of the audit.
  • Visualisations highlight patterns and potentially higher risk transactions instantly, enabling a deeper understanding of your business and supporting more relevant conversations.
  • Automation of manual tasks leading to greater efficiency.


Connecting people in real time.

Connect, our global coordination tool, provides fast, efficient and secure information sharing at every stage of the audit. It streamlines, standardises and automates real-time communication between your teams and ours, 24/7, wherever you are in the world.

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How can Connect help in your audit?

  • Better information exchange and document management using a secure, web-based tool.
  • Process efficiencies through consolidation and automation of notifications.
  • Safe and secure communication for your teams and ours.
  • Scalability - globally available for clients, small or large.
  • Significantly reduced document management effort.
  • Fast and efficient issue resolution due to real-time tracking.


Our suite of extraction tools standardises the way we communicate data requests and how we securely extract and transfer your data.

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How can Extract help in your audit?

  • Extracts large volumes of data with limited impact on your systems.
  • Returns standard data formats allowing automated transformation ready for analysis by our applications.
  • Eliminates the need for repeated, manual intervention through the data extraction process.
  • Encrypts and compresses the data during the extraction and transfer.
  • Provides end-to-end protection of your data.
  • An overall more efficient data acquisition process.

Forward thinking organisations harness the power of data to remain relevant, improve customer experiences, and reshape how their business operates.

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