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The views from Julien Tyack

Julien Tyack FCCA, Associate Director, PwC Mauritius, amateur carpenter and wine connoisseur

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Accountancy was never my first choice of subject at school. I had a passion for drawing and architecture. I designed my own house!

However, I have no regrets about becoming an accountant. Being a member of ACCA, probably the most globally recognised qualification, has allowed me to work across the world in many industries. If like me, as a young man living on a small island, you dream of international exposure, it is your perfect gateway.

Without doubt, joining PwC has been my biggest career achievement. I lead Risk Assurance Services (RAS) at PwC Mauritius, helping clients build resilient businesses. Our services include risk management, control advisory, performance assurance, governance and compliance, technology assurance, internal audit and integrated reporting.

Organisations are expecting more from us as accountants. Problems are increasingly complex and varied, requiring sophisticated value-adding solutions. At PwC Mauritius, we recruit over 50 graduates a year. Only some of them will have what it takes and put in what they need to reach their potential and meet evolving market expectations. If they step up, develop their business acumen and invest in their skills, they will succeed.

Competitiveness of the workforce is a big issue in Mauritius. It is linked to a shortage of skills in certain sectors and an ageing workforce. This could slow down the development of our country in future.


Traditional statutory audits have historically represented the lion’s share of work for our profession. However, it is expected that other assurance services will represent more than 50% of our business by 2030 in Mauritius. The profession has already started to reinvent itself, with technology the main disruptor. Robotics, cybersecurity, data integrity and business intelligence are just the tip of the iceberg.

To be a successful ACCA member it will no longer be enough for young professionals to simply be a good accountant or auditor. They will also be required to be agile, techsavvy, trusted advisers. We are digitally upskilling all of our own people and our clients’ workforces.

In my spare time I’m a keen amateur carpenter. I also have an expensive taste for good wine.


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