Corporate Tax Services

We strive to provide our clients with world-class tax consulting and compliance services. Our knowledgeable teams help many companies to conform to the latest tax reforms, in Japan and abroad.  We provide a full suite of corporate tax services to help our clients meet their consulting and compliance needs.

General Tax Compliance 

  • Prepare and review various tax returns and related applications 
  • Prepare and review foreign tax credit computations and schedules 
  • Prepare schedules and applications regarding corporate reorganizations 
  • Provide tax audit support  

Tax Management and Accounting Services (TMAS)

  • Tax function reviews and performance improvement
  • Tax accounting services
  • Global compliance services

Tax Management and Accounting Services (TMAS)

Consolidated Tax Returns

  • Prepare and review appropriate elections and the initial consolidated tax return filings
  • Prepare and review annual consolidated tax returns
  • Prepare and review filings necessary upon entering or leaving a consolidated tax group during reorganizations
  • Assist with tax accounting related to consolidated filings
  • Provide tax audit support

Compliance Process Support

  • Review and provide advice on the tax compliance process 
  • Analyze and advise on international tax risks 
  • Implement the international Tax Operations Manager tool in order to streamline compliance and reporting

Consumption Tax and Overseas Indirect Taxes

  • Advise on cross border consumption tax
  • Advise on the recovery of import consumption tax 
  • Advise on consumption tax issues related to group reorganizations
  • Advise on indirect taxation on international transactions

Tax Dispute Support

  • Assist with tax audits (domestic/overseas) and provide support in tax disputes
  • Review tax deferrals, tax rulings, and provide advice regarding client options regarding tax issues

Our Team

Mie Onodera

Partner, PwC Tax Japan


Yusuke Yamada

Partner, PwC Tax Japan