Tax Management and Accounting Services (TMAS)

Regulatory changes and emerging market trends have shifted the focus of most tax and accounting functions toward compliance-based activities, such as improving financial statement reporting and mitigating internal control deficiencies.

The shortage of good quality resources means that in order for tax and accounts departments to refocus their efforts, they must go well beyond simply adding headcount. In the words of one of our satisfied clients: “…re-organising my department by putting in place skilled people who follow efficient processes and use the right technology, has enabled them to focus better on adding considerable value to my company”.

Driving value through the tax and accounting functions

In order to ensure long term success, tax departments must institute integrated operational improvements to:

- Create, protect and optimise value in the context of the organisation’s business objectives
- Manage the wide range of tax and accounting-related risks of doing business
- Ensure compliance with tax laws and reporting requirements against ever-changing global standards.

Since there is no “silver bullet” fix for every organisation, ourTMAS solutions are customised to fit specific needs – whetherit involves our Tax Function Effectiveness professionals helping to improve our clients’ internal operations; our TaxAccounting specialists providing expertise to supplement our clients’ internal resources or our Global Compliance Services practice delivering integrated co-sourcing and outsourcing solutions – we can help our clients manage the tax and accounting affairs of their business more efficiently and effectively. By addressing issues head-on, our clients are able to devise, communicate and execute a strategy that strikes the right balance of planning, business collaboration and risk management to drive value throughout their entire tax and accounting functions.

At PwC we take an integrated and holistic approach to help clients achieve these objectives.


Tax function reviews and performance improvement

  • Tax strategy development
  • Tax department structure and organisational design
  • Risk assessment mitigation
  • Skills assessment and compensation benchmarking
  • Process improvement, controls reviews and remediation
  • Tax technology implementations and related ERP support
  • Tax accounting technical consulting and support
  • Tax provision services
  • Uncertain tax positions support
  • Deferred tax analyses and other specialised tax accounting services
  • IFRS conversion services

Tax Accounting Service (TAS)

Global compliance services

  • Coordination control of overseas activities
  • Corporate income tax compliance
  • Indirect tax compliance
  • Statutory financial statement preparation
  • Global tax provision outsourcing