Business Outsourcing

At PwC Outsourcing Services LLC, we provide a wide range of back-office operation services, such as accounting, payroll, payment processing and HR consulting, in collaboration with PwC Tax Japan and PwC Labor and Social Security Attorney Corporation.

Why outsourcing?

HR and accounting staff members with the knowledge of Japan’s accounting and tax standards, in addition to labour laws and employment tax, are essential for global companies looking to establish a physical presence in Japan. However, it is not easy to hire local personnel with knowledge in these areas who can also work seamlessly together with global team members. 

In light of labour shortages in Japan, as well as frequent legal changes, the number of companies outsourcing their back-office operations, such as accounting and payroll, has been steadily increasing in recent years. 

PwC Outsourcing Services LLC provides global corporations with one-stop outsourcing services from bookkeeping to payroll and payment processing, in both Japanese and English. Allocate your valuable human resources to your core business while PwC supports your back-office functions.

Especially for foreign corporations that are looking to start operations in Japan, PwC Outsourcing Service LLC provides comprehensive support in collaboration with professional teams experienced in transfer pricing, tax law, and legal matters.

Benefits of PwC Outsourcing Services

One-stop services

In collaboration with PwC Tax Japan and PwC Labor and Social Security Attorney Corporation, we provide one-stop services covering accounting, social insurance, HR, payroll and payments, eliminating the need for you to find individual providers for each service. In addition, we also provide on-site services with our staff members physically present at your office.

Global support

We provide full English support for smooth communications with your global team. In addition, we work closely with PwC’s worldwide network to provide the best solutions for your global back-office needs.

Utilising the latest technology

Our digital transformation team at PwC Outsourcing Services LLC is proficient at using technology to improve workplace efficiency and maximise the benefits of our outsourcing services.


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Our Team

Masanori Kato

Partner, PwC Tax Japan