Business Recovery/Turnaround Services

Companies undergo reorganizations for a number of reasons. When planning for a group reorganization, companies should pay attention to the relevant tax implications surrounding asset or stock transfers, group taxation and consolidated taxation. For multinationals engaging in a group reorganization, applicable tax rules can be very complicated and must be carefully reviewed by professionals to avoid triggering unintended results.

Tax consequences can play an important role when determining the form of corporate restructuring. Our professional team is well equipped with diverse experience in dealing with many aspects of reorganizations. Whether reorganizations are motivated by streamlining businesses units or business recoveries, we have the right expertise and tools in place to meet our clients’ reorganization needs.

Tax Advice on Group Reorganization

  • Advice regarding qualifying and non-qualifying group reorganizations 
  • Assess tax risks for group reorganizations
  • Assess the tax costs of withdrawing or liquidating a business 

Business Recovery Services

  • Support for the business recovery processes 
  • Advice regarding the M&A of a company under receivership
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