Real Estate Transactions

Our real estate team offers a full range services such as M&A advisory services for real estate related firms and hotel-related firms, advisory support services for acquisition/disposition of real estate assets, placement services for fund raising projects, customized due diligence support services for real estate transaction projects, and valuation and modeling services of real estate-related projects.

PwC's specialized team delivers comprehensive support for clients' various challenges arising from real estate that clients own.

As competition for acquiring real estate assets intensifies in Japan's major cities, real estate investors face a challenge of identifying attractive investment opportunities in the competitive market. On the other hand, real estate owners should make strategic decisions on whether to continue to hold or dispose of in the current property market, where uncertainty is growing.  There will be challenges ahead - how we identify the most appropriate real estate strategy at this time and how we establish the most effective investment scheme from the viewpoints of finance and taxation.

In PwC's real estate sector, a team of professionals with a wide range of expertise, in response to varied and complex environments, provides multifaceted and customized support to clients facing these challenges.

M&A advisory services for real estate-related firms and hotel-related firms

Focusing on the real property industry, our experts provide strategic advisory services for mergers and acquisitions of real estate-related business companies (integrated real estate firms, developers, and property managers), real estate subsidiaries of non-real estate companies, asset managers, hotel managers, and real estate asset owners. Our team delivers the best solutions by leveraging its extensive industry knowledge, efficient structuring, reliable consulting functions, and PwC’s global network of experienced members.

Support for acquisition and disposition of assets and fund raising

Through the use of the PwC Global Network, we assist with acquisition/disposition of domestic and overseas real estate assets (hard assets, trust beneficiary interests, and corporate shares).

In our lead advisory service for sell-side projects, we offer comprehensive sales support, such as contact with investors through the PwC Global Network.

In our buy-side projects, we utilize our wide range of relationships and provide a total lead advisory services ranging from sourcing domestic and overseas projects to execution (due diligence to closing). Our team also assists with investor solicitation in Japan and in offshore fund raising projects managed by overseas AM. 


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Our Team

Takuma Miwa

Director, PwC Advisory LLC


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Director, PwC Advisory LLC


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Senior Manager, PwC Advisory LLC