Joint Venture

We provide support to clients aiming to realize their strategies through the establishment and management of JVs in consideration with the characteristics of the target business and the planning status. PwC has a comprehensive support structure that encompasses everything from strategy formulation to contract conclusion and business operation support after the establishment of the JV.

The best practices based on extensive project experience

Based on best practices that have been established through many years of experience in supporting a wide variety of projects, we have established a comprehensive support system that encompasses everything from the formulation of business strategies to the conclusion of JV contracts and smooth business operations.

Through collaboration with PwC's global network, we can provide comprehensive support by members who are familiar with not only Japanese members but also the culture and customs of each country and region. We can also provide smooth and specialized support for JV establishment projects in foreign companies.

Compared to general acquisitions (M&A), JVs are usually more difficult and complex because of the following characteristics.

Compared to general acquisitions (M&A)

It is important to consider and resolve the following issues based on the characteristics specific to the strategic JV (the figure above).


In order to construct cooperative relationships with business partners and successfully establish and operate strategic JVs, it is important to formulate business plans based on clear alliance strategies, build cooperative structures, and incorporate them into actual operations in each area.

PwC utilizes JV's unique methodology and approach based on integration (PMI) project experience to assist JV's establishment and solve issues, such as the formulation of alliance strategies, the conclusion of contracts, and the formulation and implementation of service models.

Establish and operate strategic JVs


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