Formulation of M&A strategy and enhancement of M&A structure

Do you only consider M&A which are brought in?

M&A is means, not an end. Management strategies and business strategies considering M&A as an end are meaningless.

On the other hand, it is also essential to utilize M&A effectively in order to increase corporate value.

Are you sufficiently prepared for your M&A?

Support for M&A strategies development

We consider M&A not as an end but as a means to assist in realizing management strategy and business strategy. We support the realization of non-ad hoc M&A by clarifying the purposes of M&A, the regions, as well as domains in which M&A should be conducted.

Support for the investments in venture corporations

Certain points should be kept in mind concerning venture corporation investments. We have experienced professionals in venture corporation investment to support your strategic venture corporation investment. We also support the construction of venture corporation investment and development structure, such as the establishment of incubation teams and CVCs.

Support for establishment of M&A structure

M&A is an effective tool, but not a daily routine. We provide support on how a company should prepare for M&A and how it can accumulate knowledge and experiences about M&A based on our extensive experience.


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