PwC Consulting Establishes Future Design Lab

Support for private and public initiatives aimed at disruptive and discontinuous transformations.

January 23, 2020
PwC Consulting LLC

On January 23, PwC Consulting LLC (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Susumu Adachi, hereinafter "PwC Consulting") established the Future Design Lab.

Last year, the Government of Japan’s Cabinet Office established the "Moonshot Research and Development Program," with the goal of creating disruptive innovation originating within Japan. This program promotes challenging and ambitious research and development initiatives which are not extensions of previous works. Today, attention is being drawn to this moonshot-like research and development which brings disruptive and discontinuous innovation to society, industry, corporations, and individuals.

PwC Consulting aims to accelerate social transformation by making it’s Future Design Lab a part of the moonshot ecosystem, and by expanding its advisory services to governments, education and research institutes, and private companies seeking to create and realize a moonshot future.

[Services Offered]

Future Creation & Implementation Assistance

By using PwC Consulting's unique method for future creation, "Speculative Future Design," we realize the creation of a "potential future," which lies beyond the boundaries of existing business. By starting with a potential future and using our back-casting methodology, we will support business and technology development aimed at realizing the ideal future.

Moonshot Ecosystem Design

It is extremely difficult to realize a moonshot future within a single organization and or business entity. Through leveraging the PwC Global network and our worldwide relationships, we support the design and operation of an ecosystem that spans industry, government, and academia.

Organization & Human Resource Development for Future Creation

The Future Design Lab has the expertise to aid clients in acquiring the capabilities needed to drive moonshot future creation and implementation.

Even in these fast changing and ever complicated times, we realize self-driven organization and human resource development that continues even after the project is completed.

We will develop services focusing on the topics* as defined in the Cabinet Office’s Moonshot Research and Development Program. Going forward, PwC Consulting also plans to formulate unique topics based on our own future creation insights.

*Under the Moonshot Research and Development Program, on December 17 and 18, 2019, "The Moonshot International Symposium" was held with Japanese and overseas experts who participate in moonshot-like research and development activities. The following seven topics were discussed at each subcommittee.

  1. Expanding human potential toward a society in which everyone can pursue their dreams
  2. Realizing a human life that "continues to improve both physically and psychologically" through complete understanding of biological functions such as the nervous system and related tissues
  3. Expanding frontiers through co-evolution of AI and robots
  4. Sustainable resource circulation for a global environment
  5. Innovation for future agriculture – satisfying both food production and environmental conservation
  6. Creating innovative non-traditional sciences and technologies based on quantum and related phenomena
  7. Cross sectional issues

[Lab Structure]

We are launching this service with 10 employees, and will gradually expand our staff over the next few years.

For more information, please refer to the "Future Design Lab" service page.

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