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Our Response to COVID-19

May 29, 2020

Even after the Government’s declaration that the state of emergency has been lifted nationwide, PwC Japan Group will continue the measures, as listed below, that have been implemented in accordance with the “Basic Policies for Novel Coronavirus Disease Control” by the Government (updated May 25). As the risk of COVID-19 infection is still expected to remain, we will fulfill our social responsibilities by placing a top priority on ensuring the safety of our clients and other stakeholders, and at the same time ensuring the safety of our employees. We ask for your understanding.

1) Working from home

  •  In principle, we will continue to work from home, and we will maintain the rate of participation in offices (including work at client sites) at less than 30%. Employees working at client offices shall comply with the rules and regulations established by the clients. When we need to go to the office, we will strive to avoid overcrowded public transportation times, pay attention to ensuring social distancing, and make it mandatory to wear masks.
  •  The implementation period will last until it is judged that the risk of infection has significantly decreased, taking into account the content of any revisions to the “Basic Policies for Novel Coronavirus Disease Control” issued by the Government in the future.

2) Business Trips

  • We will consider alternatives, such as web conferencing, in response to the requests of our clients.

3) Holding of events

  • Seminars scheduled to be hosted or co-hosted by our group will be, in principle, held on the web.


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