Notice of the PwC Tax Japan's Actions in relation to State of Emergency (as of May 26, 2020)

The government has announced that the State of Emergency was lifted in 5 prefectures including Tokyo on May 25, however, PwC Tax Japan, PwC Outsourcing Services LLC, PwC Labor and Social Security Attorney Corporation and PwC Gyoseishoshi-Hojin will maintain the following policies until June 30 even for offices located in those prefectures. Unfortunately these will cause inconvenience for our clients and other related parties, however, we ask you to understand these are part of our support for the Government’s efforts to prevent the spread of infection, and our efforts to ensure the safety of our clients and employees.

1) Working Policy

Although our reception will be open from June 1, all employees in all offices will, in principle, continue to work from home until June 30. Company visits and face-to-face meetings will be held as needed, but we strongly recommend all employees to continue to work via video conferencing, telephone, and e-mail to ensure their own and our client’s safety. For details on how our various services will operate during this period, please reach out to your PwC Tax Japan contact.

2) Contact during the remote work period

Please contact our staff via mobile phone or e-mail address for any questions. We will also be able to provide web-based meetings. 

For any other inquiries, please contact us from here.

3) Postal delivery

Postal deliveries will continue as usual, however the staff responsible for postal deliveries may be working remotely. Please send documents electronically, or if you need to send or receive an original, please contact the relevant person before arranging delivery.

4) Billing

Invoices will be sent in PDF. In addition, when sending the PDF, no office seal will be affixed. If you need a sealed invoice, please liaise with the relevant partner/manager separately.