Risk Assurance

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Risk Assurance

We help management to make well informed decisions. The insight and independent assurance we bring provides an invaluable safeguard in today's complex operating environment. We work with our clients in their boardrooms and their back offices, delivering business control to help them to protect and strengthen every aspect of their business from people to performance, systems to strategy, business plans to business resilience.

We draw proudly on our auditing heritage as well as our commercial experience, to rigorously evaluate our clients' governance procedures, processes, information and controls and, where necessary, recommend the best way to fix them.

Our services


  • Technology assurance
  • Projects assurance
  • Performance assurance
  • Technology assurance
  • Projects assurance
  • Performance assurance
  • Business resilience
  • Commercial assurance

What's new

State of the Internal Audit Profession Study 2015

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What are the "gamechangers" for businesses today? Learn more about the hottest issues in enterprise risk that go to the heart of your strategic agenda.

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Shellshock vulnerability

Are you cyber risk-resilient?

Our cyber security team is prepared to help you understand the potential impacts and develop action plans to address this newly emerged security issue. Learn more

The new trust dynamic:

Opportunity + Trust = Growth

By building digital trust you will be able to maximise your growth potential and manage risks in the opportunities available in the digital age. Watch the video


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