It’s time to move beyond IT

PwC 2019 Global Digital IQ Survey: The South East Asia Cut

A majority of South East Asian executives aspire to become Modernizers; to create new capabilities and modernize their business. This aspiration to be part of a group which embraces more advanced definitions of digital to get there is contradictory when 22% still see digital as synonymous with IT.

As the playing field shakes out, those who adopt that limited definition stand to fall the furthest behind. It is time to adopt more advanced ideas of digital to survive.

Digital aspiration profiles

Efficiency Seekers

Use digital to do business smarter and faster

Efficiency Seekers are focused on doing business smarter and faster using technology, with a sharp eye toward measuring digital outcomes and bringing new skills to the workforce. Many have been through at least one cycle of disruption and feel confident. And yet, only 59% explicitly incorporate digital strategy into corporate strategy and just over half say their leadership is digitally savvy. Efficiency seekers are finding success, but shouldn’t stop at the end of the efficiency comfort zone.


Create new capabilities to modernize our business

Modernizers want to create new capabilities and most are embracing more advanced definitions of digital to get there. Their senior leaders encourage innovation at all levels and their digital efforts so far have improved retention and recruitment. But, they say digital strategy is woven into corporate strategy only about half the time. As a group, they’re facing disruption at different rates and from different places and will need to align their beliefs about digital with the challenges they face.


Change our core business model to define our business

Redefiners aim to change their companies and their business model. They are most likely to embrace the mindset of constant innovation, flat decision-making and the integration of tech across the business. But, their digital investments aren’t yet driving success—69% say they’re delivering less than expected. That’s in part because leaders and workers lack digital savvy and digital isn’t woven into corporate strategy. Redefiners have the right mindset, but aren’t yet firing on all cylinders with digital.

Industry explorers

Break ground in new markets or industries

Industry explorers are fighting for their futures and breaking ground in new markets and industries. Despite having some of the boldest aspirations, this group puts the least emphasis on its employees and customers. Fewer than one-quarter explicitly incorporate digital strategy into overall corporate strategy. There’s opportunity to be had by embracing digital as a force for cultural, process and strategic change.

Start becoming a digital organisation. We can help.

Organisation Fitness

Helping you uplift capabilities and drive transformation

Before embarking on any journey, you need to know where you are starting from.

Your digital transformation journey is no different. The Organisation Fitness Assessment platform helps organisations do just that. It offers you top line high level insights around your current state of maturity whilst providing a comparative benchmark against other industries, and a series of top line recommendations to help drive your transformation and uplift your organization’s capabilities. 

Customer Led Growth

Investing in technology isn’t enough. Innovative technologies are powerful, but if your people don’t adopt them to enable new ways of thinking, working, and selling, new solutions won’t help. A top priority of your transformation efforts should be digital adoption.

But putting people at the centre of digital transformation, you can create a movement that encourages new ways of working and caters to the needs of individuals in their specific roles and to the organization as a whole. Ultimately, this helps your people experience the benefits of new technology and encourages the behaviours that will make the transformation successful.

How do we know this approach works? We use it ourselves.

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Employee and Customer Experience

Experience is everything. Get it right.

A good experience leaves people feeling heard, appreciated and valued; it minimizes friction and maximizes efficiency. Too often organisations focus on the ‘rational’, and forget about the ‘human element’ that makes the experience authentic – across both the external, and internal employee experience.

Experience gap, meet opportunity sweet spot. We believe there are 6 must-knows to close the gap…

  1. The price premium for getting it right is real – and it’s big
  2. Bad experiences are driving customers and employees away – fast than you think
  3. Save the bells and whistles. Get the must-do’s right first (right now)
  4. Excellent customer experience starts with superior employee experience
  5. Gen Z isn’t all that different – but their definitions might be
  6. If experience isn’t your strategy, you’re doing it wrong

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Workforce transformation

How we work, the place of work within our lives and even what we mean by work are being transformed. What are organisations doing to prepare? And where do they need to step up?

To compete today, organisations must upskill their workforce to be digitally agile. But that’s easier said than done. Move into tomorrow, with a new focus.

Organisations need to transform the workforce by incorporating the skills, working practices and infrastructure to support digital transformation. Not only this, but we strongly believe that by aligning your training and incorporating digital tools to shift employee focus will help push the business forward. 


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