Pharmaceuticals and healthcare

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The pharmaceutical and healthcare industries are undergoing a period of profound transformation. Many analysts agree that the industry is moving from the era of the "blockbuster drug" to a new operating model known as personalized medicine. While achieving success in research and development continues to define those who will be the industry's winners and losers, other issues are increasingly demanding the attention of top management.

These issues include navigating the challenges of global regulatory compliance, optimizing the supply chain, achieving marketing excellence and effectively managing organizational complexity on a global scale. These issues, along with increased scrutiny of the industry's business practices and difficult questions over the safety of marketed drugs have created substantial tensions between the industry and its stakeholders.

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We have made a deep commitment to understanding the forces that are impacting these sectors and developing and delivering solutions that help our clients' achieve their financial, operational and strategic objectives.

Our latest thinking for pharmaceuticals and life sciences

In this PwC-commissioned report from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), patients, doctors and payers share their views on mHealth. Find out what they told us, and learn more about the potential of mobile health in developed and emerging markets, the challenges, and the impact on stakeholders.

Spending growth in the $2.9 trillion US health economy is expected to slow in 2016 as compared to 2015, but it will still outpace overall economic inflation. Stock prices, earnings reports and the customer base have increased and that means the industry is financially healthy. Affordable healthcare, however, remains out-of-reach for many consumers.

The changing payment landscape for the US pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceuticals are competing over a shrinking piece of the prescription drug pie. Changes in the industry are hastening the arrival of an outcomes-based world where the value of a drug tracks much more closely with its impact on patient health.

Success will hinge on operating model innovation

To sustain revenue and market share growth in India, global medical technology companies should look to tailor their business strategies and operating models to the needs of India’s unique marketplace.

Seeking knowledge with clinical informatics

Incorporating clinical informatics across a healthcare organization will be essential as the reimbursement landscape evolves to a more outcomes-based approach.