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Empowering Communities, Creating a Sustainable Future

We strive to make a sustainable impact in the world. We are dedicated to implementing responsible business practices and actively engaging with stakeholders to drive sustainable change within the communities we serve and the world we live in. Our corporate sustainability strategy centers around three key areas: education, community empowerment, and environmental sustainability.

Community empowerment

We actively seek opportunities to upskill, build capacity and develop infrastructure that will provide long-term benefits and enhance the quality of people's lives in the disadvantaged communities throughout Vietnam. One of our key programmes is the New world New skills, which aims at preparing our community for the workforce of the future, ensuring that no one is left behind, and that everyone should be able to live, learn, work and participate in the digital world.
Our community engagements follow an inclusive approach, involving local residents and fostering a sense of community to create a long-lasting impact that benefits every member.
Here are some examples of our programs:

New world New skills

  1. PwC: Be Companions program: In partnership with the Center of Disability Research and Capacity Development (DRD Vietnam), we support people with disabilities by providing tailored career counseling sessions, job application guidance, and soft skills training.
  2. Partnership with Nghi Luc Song (Will to Live) Center: PwC staff deliver training sessions to equip people with disabilities with skills for social integration and job readiness. This includes fundamental labor law knowledge, CV preparation, job interview skills, and personal development strategies.

Community engagements

  1. Spread Love campaign: we focus on mountainous areas with limited access to public services and a significant population of ethnic minorities. Through this initiative, we engage in various activities to make a positive impact, including renovating school infrastructures, providing scholarships, donating school essentials and used laptops, sponsoring drinkable water purifier systems, and organizing outdoor activities and computer skills training facilitated by PwC volunteers. 
  2. October Hope and Happy Tet campaigns provide emotional and well-being support to children with special needs. PwC volunteers play an active role in organizing games and drawing sessions, as well as sponsoring gifts. These efforts aim to spread joy, instill a sense of belonging, and ensure that these children feel valued and included in society.

Educational empowerment

We believe in the transformative power of education, as it serves as a catalyst for personal growth and opens doors to new opportunities. Our commitment lies in advocating for equal educational access, particularly for disadvantaged children, empowering them to unlock their full potential and achieve success.

Here are some examples of our programs:

  1. Inclusive Education for Children in Vietnam: In collaboration with Medical Committee Netherlands - Vietnam (MCNV), we work to enhance educational conditions for children with disabilities in Dien Bien and Binh Dinh provinces. 
  2. PwC Empower Me Scholarship and Mentorship Programme: This initiative provides scholarships to high school students from underprivileged backgrounds, enabling them to pursue higher education. Additionally, the program offers valuable mentoring opportunities facilitated by PwC volunteers. These mentors assist students in integrating into student life and preparing for future careers.

Environmental sustainability

We recognize the importance of environmental conservation and actively engages in initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint. As a global network, PwC is committed to minimising the direct and indirect environmental impacts of our operations and supply chain with our worldwide science-based commitment to Net Zero with 2030 goals. In addition, we conduct environmental activities that are geared towards benefitting local communities such as tree planting and street cleanups.

Here are some examples of our programs:

  1. Go Green campaign: In collaboration with the Song Foundation, we focus on planting over 1,000 trees in the vulnerable coastal area of Soc Trang province.
  2. Green in Blue campaign: In partnership with the University of Economics and Law, we organize street cleanups, paint walls with environmental messages, and plant over 60 trees in Ho Chi Minh City.

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