Gen Z: How digital ready is this generation?

Findings from PwC Vietnam’s Digital Readiness survey 2020



of Gen Z respondents have positive feelings about the impact of technology on their jobs. They are also the least optimistic among the other generations of workers.


of Vietnamese Gen Z without degrees believes that automation presents more risks than opportunities, as compared to Gen Z respondents with degrees and technical qualifications (47%).


of Vietnamese Gen Z expresses a strong desire to learn digital skills, as compared to 52% of their global counterparts.


of Vietnamese Gen Z believes that businesses and governments have greater responsibility to help people upskill, while 50% believe that upskilling is a personal journey.

Upskilling today to stay relevant tomorrow

Introducing the newest members of the workforce, Generation Z (Gen Z). Gen Z, sometimes referred to as zoomers, is a demographic cohort of people born between the late 1990s to 2010¹. By 2025, Gen Z is estimated to take up about a third of the total Vietnamese workforce².

Vietnamese Gen Z face a widening skills gap as a result of entering into the workforce during a period of rapidly changing technologies. While young Vietnamese people are tech-savvy, many lack formal technical training and soft skills that are necessary to keep up with the evolving demands of jobs created by the new digital economy. 

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Gen Z points of view 

Vietnamese Gen Z is positive about technology, but they are also the most worried.

Gen Z without degrees is more concerned about their future job prospects.

Gen Z wants to develop soft and business skills as well as specific digital skills.

Gen Z have the most balanced view on whose responsibility it is to upskill.

Gen Z can be the most productive remote workforce.

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Getting Gen Z future-ready

In today's disrupted world, there is no one future-proof career. My advice to Gen Z - Start thinking of yourself as a bundle of skills and capabilities, not a defined role or profession.

Quach Thanh ChauPeople Partner, PwC Vietnam

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