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Threat hunting

Do you know if cyber attackers are hiding in your network?

Cyber criminals continue to infiltrate organisations’ networks undetected and gain unauthorised access to critical data. Advanced attackers can remain on their systems for years without ever being detected.

Organisations need to look proactively for and identify any threats in their IT estate and respond quickly and appropriately before they damage their business.

What is Cyber Threat Hunting?

Using world-class technology solutions combining with PwC’s deep expertise in cybersecurity, our team of cyber professionals identify evidence of malicious activity within your IT estate by analysing data pulled from the endpoints, network and external threat sources. 

This is augmented by our industry-leading proprietary threat intelligence platform to gain unique insight into signs of historic or active compromises in your environment and provide clear, pragmatic advice for remediation. 

Unlike traditional methods of threat detection, our experts apply a layer of advanced threat hunting and analysis techniques to filter through the false positives. This allows us to identify malicious behaviours within your environment to detect actual intrusions.

From reactive to proactive: Rethink your cyber approach

In the current landscape, it is acknowledged that attackers are increasingly sophisticated and will find a way to again unauthorised access to your network. The security mindset will require a shift towards accepting that breaches are inevitable, and increasing focus on proactive hunt in your networks to detect intrusions before they cause damage to your business. 

You would find threat hunting exercise particularly relevant if your organisation is 

  • concerned that your organisation may have been breached but don’t see any sign of compromise 

  • looking to proactively hunt for indicators of compromise and advanced threats 

  • going through an organisational change (merger or acquisition supply chain etc.) and need to assess existing security risks and potential intrusions

  • going through a change in leadership, for example the appointment of a new CISO  or CIO, and looking to assess their security posture

Stay ahead of cyber attacks with threat hunting

Identify previously unknown, hidden threat activity allows for effective remediation before it causes further damages

Gain a holistic view of threat activity and ‘bad behaviours’ from legitimate users across the IT estate (applying the insight from network, endpoint, internal and external threat intelligence)

Gain a state of confidence in your security infrastructure

Gain insight into critical areas of vulnerability to help inform the right security and risk management strategy

Have a deep cyber investigative analysis translated into business risk advice

How we can help

Our team of “threat hunters” are certified by CREST, the industry body for technical cyber security, and rated by Forrester Wave as the global ‘leader’ in Digital Forensics and Incident Response service providers.

They have spent over a decade hunting advanced threats on customer networks and have an in-depth understanding on how attacks compromise network, with the ability to identify and exploit vulnerabilities across global estates.

Our team of dedicated and experienced ‘threat hunters’ adopt specialised threat hunting techniques to search for targeted and advanced threats that may evade traditional security controls. 

They can proactively search for advanced threats within your IT estate that may have evaded traditional security controls using:

  • Threat detection across both endpoint and network to gain end-to-end visibility across the IT environment, supplemented with our own global threat intelligence feeds

  • Industry-leading technology layered with our advanced threat detection rulesets to provide high-confidence visibility across the attack chain and insight into attacker techniques

You will have direct access to cyber security and incident response specialists with vast experience of spotting hidden intrusions and receive an executive and technical report including prioritised tactical, operational and strategic recommendations so that corrective action can be taken. 

If required, an optional follow-up engagement can be arranged to contain and remediate the threat and advise on a tailored incident response roadmap and strategy.

Tanium and PwC Singapore announce strategic partnership to enhance digital capabilities

This partnership will bring together PwC’s deep expertise in cybersecurity and digital transformation, together with Tanium’s endpoint IT security and operations platform -- helping businesses gain near real-time endpoint visibility and make timely and confident business decisions in response. 

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