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In these unprecedented times, we continue to help organisations tackle their most pressing business challenges. Read how we've supported clients to optimise performance and how we are working with them now to adapt to a changing world.

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How SGTraDex is supporting international trade for the digital age

GTraDex is an outstanding example of PwC's strategy, "The New Equation" in action, building trust and delivering sustained outcomes through a people-led, tech-driven solution. A key feature of the digital infrastructure governance competitive appeal is that it is also people-optimised, with its agile, streamlined workforce. The SGTraDex team has received professional support from PwC in areas such as understanding clients’ operational challenges in the exchange of data in various use cases such as when trying to unblock container flow bottlenecks, financing trades including green trades, digitisation of documents and processes, and processing bunkering and ship supplies. Ultimately, SGTraDex will help Singapore continue to be a major global trading port in the digital age. Companies and global consumers also stand to gain from a more robust, reliable supply chain for delivery of goods and raw materials that are shipped through Singapore.

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