PwC Africa Annual Review 2022


Disruption came in many forms during the last financial year, however, PwC invested in key areas which drove quality and sustained outcomes for the firm and its clients and stakeholders.

PwC is pleased to release the first PwC Africa Annual Review 2022 report report which tells the story of a remarkable year and focuses on our impact, value creation, strategy and related performance for the financial year ended 30 June 2022. The report is a reflection of how our network of firms has navigated complexity, responded to change and emerging challenges and new opportunities across the African continent.

“Disruption is the new normal. As PwC Africa, we provide solutions to help manage disruption and identify new opportunities. Over the last year, we have focused on delivering quality services that build trust, deliver sustained outcomes and help our clients to manage change. The PwC Africa Annual Review 2022 describes many of the ways that we deliver transformative impact and also where we’re headed as a business.”

Dion Shango, PwC Africa CEO

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We invite you to join our LinkedIn event, which will be hosted by Dion Shango on 21 October 2022 from 13:30-14:30pm CAT, where we will unpack how African organisations can build trust, embrace disruption in an effort to grow and thrive, adopt fresh mindsets to foster value creation, and build legacies that will contribute to shaping a sustainable future in Africa. 

“Continuously improving quality and building trust is one of our core focuses. We are driven by five core universal values which go beyond complying with standards, policies and regulations. Our people constantly work to ensure our reputation is upheld, which is done by fostering an inclusive organisational culture, and holding ourselves accountable. We have invested in quality, by incorporating learnings from the past, which starts with a strong Quality Management System across the business. This integrates quality management into our business and the firm-wide risk management processes. It is also used to indicate whether an improvement plan is needed to ensure output always meets the expected level.”

Shirley Machaba, PwC Regional Senior Partner for South Market Area

PwC Africa’s diverse community of solvers has the skills and expertise to support those journeys of transformative change. Our global strategy, The New Equation, is a response to the fundamental changes affecting organisations and society, and is designed to solve the challenges of today and tomorrow. Our people focus on delivering human-led, tech-powered services and solutions in line with our societal purpose.

Achieving sustained outcomes requires organisations to remain resilient and adaptable, even during turbulent times. The PwC Africa Annual Review 2022 describes our network’s investment in several key areas that support our clients in their transformation journeys. They are:

Value creation 

As businesses around the world continue to adapt to new and unprecedented challenges, the traditional view of value is due for an overhaul. But in pursuing a holistic transformation to achieve long-term, sustained outcomes, untapped sources of growth need to be explored. The PwC Africa Annual Review 2022 explores how we help our clients to create new approaches to value creation by holistically exploring financial, operational, and more unconventional angles.

International development

Despite significant strides in recent years, Africa continues to face complex development challenges. We are investing in our international development team to ensure we continue to build trust in society by playing a key role in supporting Africa’s growth and strengthening its resilience for the future.


Cybersecurity is viewed as a top ten business risk by CEOs across most industries, both globally and in Africa. PwC Africa’s cybersecurity professionals have deep technical and industry specific experience in helping clients navigate their most significant cybersecurity risks, and what really sets our team apart is the depth of local and network capabilities.

Technology-enabled transformation

When it comes to responding to evolving disruptions in the business landscape, technology often drives and enables large-scale transformations. PwC’s business technologists work with organisations to interpret and describe their transformational visions, ensuring that their overall strategy is fit for growth, in line with business objectives, and future-proof.

Environmental Social Governance 

At PwC Africa, we believe that internalising ESG considerations holistically will allow organisations to build trust and ensure long-term sustainability, agility, and competitiveness. Our community of solvers — which includes experienced environmental science, economics, energy, engineering, finance, law, assurance, tax and reporting specialists — have a broad range of skills required to address complex challenges and help clients to integrate ESG into their strategy. 

“We welcome you to engage with PwC Africa’s expert teams to begin or expand on your journey of investing in your organisation, as we do in ours,” concludes Shango. “These approaches help to build trust, deliver sustained outcomes and positively impact Africa’s people and communities. By working together, we can build more resilient organisations and contribute positively to Africa’s growth story.”


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