Customer Strategy / Customer Experience Transformation

Service Overview

In a well-saturated, highly competitive, and semi-commoditized market like Japanese insurance market, it is critical to attract profitable customers, retain/ deepen business with your current customers and to make competitor’s customers switch to your customers.

Based on our deep expertise and experience in insurer’s customer strategy across the globe, we believe the following three inter-connected areas are the drivers for the success:

  • Listen to your customers to timely know changing customer pain points, needs, loyalty drivers, and true view of the customer’s feeling to your company (Voice of the Customers; VoC);
  • Provide “segmented experience” to your customers to effectively address different needs and expectation of customers; and
  • Address broader theme of consumers/ customers needs to attract and engage them.

We work with insurance companies to address the above, including:

  • VoC analysis;
  • Customer centricity strategy and planning;
  • Customer Experience design (including service, product, theme, channel mix); and
  • Corporate level customer strategy design.

Project Case

Refreshing Customer Strategy / Channel Strategy

PwC Consulting LLC has assisted a major life insurance company/ mutual in Japan to:

  • Re-design its customer strategy / channel strategy from its legacy face-to-face channel centric model to customer segment focused model supported by Omni distribution and servicing channel;
  • Conducted customer survey tailored for each client company to understand its customer satisfaction/ loyalty situation and key drivers for improving the satisfaction / loyalty; and
  • Establish closed-loop VoC cycle to enable continuous customer satisfaction / loyalty enhancement.


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