Advanced Data Analytics

Service Overview

PwC Consulting LLC (PwC) has a strong global team with breadth and depth in analytics. PwC Consulting LLC (PwC) Analytics offers a range of information and analytics services to clients to support decision-making and strategy development.

"Information advantage" is an essential component of building competitive advantage. Under the clear information advantage strategy, insurance companies need to integrate analytic insights, data infrastructure, and organization in a seamless manner. PwC Consulting LLC (PwC) supports clients to create "information advantage" leveraging on Analytics.


Project Case

Accelerate Topline and Profit Growth with Analytics

We assisted a foreign life insurance company to accelerate the growth both in topline and profit. We brought in Analytics to gain insights and develop predictive models to the areas of lead management sophistication, cross sell enhancement, and persistency improvement.

Based on the insights, we supported to develop several initiatives for pilot testing and implemented them successfully. The improvement of 10% in each area was validated.



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