Yoshio Tsutsushio

Yoshio Tsutsushio

Partner, PwC Advisory LLC


M&A Advisory / Technology Media Telecom Sector

Summary of expertise

Yoshio Tsutsushio has been involved in the Technology Media Telecom (TMT) industry for over 20 years, and he has been engaged in M&A advisory service for over 10 years. In particular, he handles numerous cross-border projects.

After joining a major electric manufacturer’s overseas mobile handset division in 1998, he worked for a major auditing firm from 2006 and a boutique M&A advisory firm from 2007. He joined PwC Advisory LLC in August 2016.
He was seconded in San Francisco in 2012-13.

Notable transactions

  • Infosys’ (India) acquisition of Hitachi Procurement Service (a subsidiary of Hitachi)
  • Advantage Partners' sale of Xacti (ex. SANYO digital camera division) to Japan Asia Group
  • Hitachi’s sale of its LCD equipment business to Polaris Capital
  • MIRAIT Holdings Corp’s acquisition of Lantrovision (Singapore)
  • Hitachi Systems’ acquisition of Above Security (Canada)
  • Oclaro’s (US) sale of its laser diode business in Japanto to USHIO Inc.
  • NEC’s sale of NEC Mobiling to Marubeni (advisor to NEC Mobiling)
  • Toshiba’s sale of its mobile phone manufacturing business to Fujitsu
  • Hitachi’s acquisition of next-generation mobile communication software assets from Nortel Networks (Canada)
  • Panasonic’s sale of its mobile phone retail sales business to ITX

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