Nobuaki Otake

Nobuaki Otake

Partner, CEO, PwC Consulting LLC

Consulting Leader PwC Asia Pacific

Professional career

Nobuaki Otake’s consulting career got off to an unconventional start when he was assigned to Germany for two years beginning in 1991. There, he worked on a project for SAP AG, who were looking to bring their products to Japan. After returning to Japan, he then provided support for the establishment of SAP Japan. Since then, he has been involved in a variety of consulting projects, including primarily business transformation (of back-office and front-office business processes), IT implementation (including many ERP implementation testing projects and cloud implementation projects) and project management office (PMO) projects. His main clients are manufacturers (particularly automobile and automobile parts manufacturers) and general trading houses. Nobuaki is particularly knowledgeable in the areas of accounting management, sales management and design development. Recently, he has launched consulting services related to design development and production for clients in the manufacturing industry.

With experience on overseas and cross-border projects, Nobuaki brings a wealth of international project experience to his practice.

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