Teruhiko Azuma

Teruhiko Azuma

Partner, PwC Advisory LLC


Global governance, PMI strategy planning and execution, Value Creation by operational reforms, etc.

Automotive, Heavy Industries and Industrial Machinery, Trading Company

Summary of expertise

Prior to joining PwC Advisory, Teruhiko Azuma was engaged in investment, sales and marketing in Europe, America and Asia at the Motor Vehicle and Industrial Machinery Division of General trading company. Also, He was seconded to an automobile manufacturer, and managed a number of projects in Corporate Planning Division, including the construction of new factories, alliances, M&A deals, and the CVC operation, etc.

He joined PwC Advisory in 2019, and he is in charge of projects mainly in the automotive industry, for example, Value Creation such as operation improvement, the governance improvement of overseas subsidiaries, sales networks restructuring through M&A, and investment in startups.

Master of Mechanical Engineering and MBA(Finance).

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