PwC Consulting Supports New Business Creation For Social Issues


Doing “Social Good” accelerates growth of corporations and people.

Masaki Yasui, Partner
PwC Consulting LLC

PwC Consulting Supports New Business Creation For Social Issues

Delivering Value with Strengths of Japanese Corporations

India achieved 6-7% average GDP growth annually which is a double of the world average growth rate.

However, there are still many social issues such as air pollution, undeveloped education system, poor infrastructure.

As it’s difficult to subsidize India permanently, that is why we have started “Social Innovation Lab in India” project which aims at delivering value as Japanese corporations by doing activities for social issues of India.

User Participating Space For Social Innovation

“Social Innovation Living Lab” is the “user participating space for social innovation” operated by PwC Consulting which aims at solving social issues on a global scale.

In this project, sponsors will gain

  1. Understanding of real social issues and exploration of business opportunities
  2. Embodiment of an efficient innovation cycle in short time
  3. Development of global leaders to the next generation

Program Approach

The ideation of new business, the hypothesis testing and the formulation of the business model will be implemented in three months; 1. Idea creation Workshop in Japan, 2. Field Research in India, and 3. Business Model Designing Workshop and Report in Japan.

This project was introduced at “Slush Tokyo 2019” on 22-23 February 2019, as one of PwC services for supporting startups by connecting social innovators in India and large corporations in Japan.

Slush is the world's leading startup event where founders and tech talent meet with top-tier international investors.

Please see bruchure [PDF 233KB] for more details.

Our Team

Masaki Yasui

Partner, PwC Consulting LLC


Isao Miyama

Director, PwC Consulting LLC



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