PwC Channel Island Non-Executive Director Remuneration Survey 2021

With the role of a Non-Executive Director (NED) becoming increasingly challenging, the PwC NED programme provides support to NEDs in their expanding role.

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The role of a NED is increasingly challenging – with shareholder activism, executive pay, loss of trust, rapid technological advances and growing regulatory requirements all adding to the NED burden. Board roles are being played out in an enhanced media spotlight adding to both the pressures of the role and the reputational risk. At the same time, companies are having to look beyond traditional markets for growth which means that strategy is being set, and decisions being taken by the Board, in areas with which they may be less familiar.

Our NED programme aims to support NEDs via a series of briefings, workshops and other one-off events to help address the need to keep up to date with Board issues and to assist directors to respond to the challenges they face. It combines the provision of expert knowledge with the invaluable sharing of experiences and ideas with peers.

Non-Executive Director Remuneration Survey 2021/ 2022

In the Summer of 2022, we released the results of our Non-Executive Directors Remuneration Survey for 2021/ 2022, based on data gathered in the Winter months of 2021. Please download our full report below which includes detailed graphs and a deeper analysis of key trends.

PwC Channel Island Non-Executive Director Remuneration Survey 2021

Compare the results highlights for 2021, 2018 and 2015 below.

respondents in 2015
respondents in 2018
respondents in 2021

About the respondents

  2015 2018 2021
No. of respondents 89 111 120
% of respondents that are female 10% 19% 23%
No of significant entities 441 347 198
No. of directorships 1646 1750 1525
Ratio between no. of respondents from Guensey to Jersey 1:1 1:1 1:1.4

Remuneration Total

  2015 2018 2021
Average day rate per entity £1,775 £1,726 £1,609
Average days worked per entity 17 18 26
Average fee per entity £30,000 £31,219 £42,444
Average day rate per Listed Entity £1,380 £1,554 £1,540
Average days worked per Listed Entity 27 25 28
Average fee for a listed position £37,400 £38,540 £43,760
Average day rate per Unlisted Entity £1,486 £1,487 £1,472
Average days worked per Unlisted Entity 15 14 23
Average fee for a unlisted position £21,700 £21,119 £34,450
NEDS believe the median fee for a listed position is £30,000 £40,000 £45,000
Majority believe remuneration levels are about right' about right' about right'
% on a fixed fee basis 87% 83% 81%
% with no review policy 41% 47% 46%

Remuneration Gender

  2018 2021
Men's day rates £2,175 £2,081
Women's day rates £1,253 £1,326
Difference 42.39% 36.28%

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As a tool for aspiring NEDs, we have developed 'The Test', a due diligence process to assist prospective NEDs in deciding whether to accept a new NED position. To obtain a copy of this tool, please contact Liz Smith.

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For female aspiring NEDs, we are sponsors of the Professional Boards Forum and Women on Boards and would be happy to provide information on their activities - contact Liz Smith.

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Twice a year we run an aspiring NED master class in conjunction with Cass Business School and other third parties, including experienced NEDs and a headhunter. The morning explores all aspects of the NED role including legal responsibilities, the Board hierarchy, how NEDs input to strategy and their role in relation to governance and risk. The afternoon focuses on how to get a first NED appointment including what Boards and headhunters are looking for, the NED CV and the due diligence that should be undertaken before joining a Board. Linking the two is an experienced NED guest speaker over lunch to "tell it as it is in practice".

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