Career opportunities in Channel Islands for qualified accountants based in South Africa

Did you know that PwC Channel Islands is a SAICA accredited firm? Are you about to start your SAICA Articles, whilst also looking for some international expertise?

Do you hold an EU/UK passport?

If so, we could be looking for someone exactly like you!

The Channel Islands are situated between the English south coast and France. They are the most southerly islands in the British Isles. Packed with beautiful beaches, a temperate climate and rugged landscapes, with a short commute to the office, they really are a fantastic place to work. With about 30 different cultures currently based at PwC Channel Islands, including many South Africans, this could be the exciting opportunity you've been waiting for.

Take the opportunity of a lifetime and contact Fiona or Ashley today!

Testimonial from our alumni

Sarah Hindle, Senior Associate
Sarah Hindle

Senior Associate, PwC Channel Islands

My experience of life in the Channel Islands

“I absolutely love the Channel Islands. I moved after working in Johannesburg for two years and after being here for over a year, I can't imagine moving back.”

Training and support

“The work life balance is great, you work hard over certain audits and in the busy season, but are always expected to enjoy some time off and have a life outside of work. My life outside of work includes running and cycling and the island is the perfect place to train. It is safe, beautiful and has a bit of everything to offer from countryside trails to seaside flat stretches.”

PwC CI Culture

“I moved in my final year of articles, and there is a great team that helped me every step of the way to getting signed off. The community of people here are always looking to help and with most people studying towards their future at the firm, there is a culture of support for those studying and an understanding that studies come first.”


“I highly recommend the Channel Islands for a place to not only further your career but enjoy your articles while you at it!”

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Fiona Wrigley

Fiona Wrigley

Recruitment Manager, PwC Channel Islands

Tel: +44 7911 763755

Marcelina Blaszczyk

Marcelina Blaszczyk

Recruitment Officer, PwC Channel Islands

Tel: +44 7797 839398

Frankie Dunnell

Frankie Dunnell

Senior Recruitment Brand Ambassador, PwC Channel Islands

Tel: +44 7911 722534

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