Tax strategy and risk management

Companies are dealing with a complex and diverse market and tax environment. Getting tax right is one of the key challenges for businesses in a landscape of changing legislation and regulation. To perform successfully businesses need to be fully informed and able to make the right decisions to determine their corporate tax profile and the policies they adopt.

PwC Channel Islands has extensive experience of working with tax authorities in both Jersey and Guernsey and with companies of all sizes. We can help you understand the impact of the changes in the tax policy and their effect to your company and the stakeholders.

Potential issues

  • You want to identify the impact of the changes in tax both to your company and the stakeholders
  • You want to better manage your exposure to tax risk and determine a suitable tax risk strategy and policy
  • You want to identify tax risks or risk review a particular aspect of your tax affairs

How we can support you

  • Keep you up-to-date with changes in tax policy in the Channel Islands and their impact to your business
  • Evaluate your current tax risk position and identify specific existing and potential risks
  • Plan strategies to help you manage your tax risk

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Tax Partner, PwC Channel Islands

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Tax Director, PwC Channel Islands

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