Frequently Asked Questions

How do I qualify as a Chartered Accountant?

You will enter into a training contract which lasts for three years. During this time you will study for professional exams (we are registered as a Training Office for ICAEW, ICAI, ICAS and ACCA) whilst gaining high quality work experience.

What study support do I get during my training contract?

We will fund all the necessary courses and examinations, and provide paid study leave at each stage of the exams. We use a variation of professional training providers. In addition to the external tutoring that you receive, we have an internal training team who will provide you with support outside of formal study periods.

Can I study for a tax specific qualification?

Yes. Students within our tax services can study for the ACA qualification, or ATT and ATII. All professional study will receive our same high level of support.

How will you help me develop my work skills?

Our methodology is based upon working in teams, in which the more experienced members of the team coach the junior team members, guiding them towards meeting, and exceeding, their objectives. A mixture of traditional training methods and computer based training packages are used to reinforce 'core' learning.

What class of degree do I need to join PwC?

For graduate and placement positions, you should have strong A-level results and be expecting to achieve an upper second class honours degree (2:1) or above and 120 UCAS points. If you are a Higher Apprenticeship applicant, you would be expected to gain a minimum of 120 UCAS points. Professional exams are very demanding and good A-level and degree results are usually a sound indicator of your ability to pass at the first attempt.

Do I need to have a relevant degree such as Business Studies or Accountancy?

No. Whilst elements of a relevant degree will undoubtedly help in the early stages of your exams we find that those with other degrees are equally successful at the professional exams. We also find those with non-relevant degrees can often have a different, and valuable, perspective to contribute to problem solving.

Do you offer relocation support to the Channel Islands?

We offer full relocation support with an experienced team who can assist you through the process; from support with negotiating the housing laws which apply when moving to the Channel Islands, putting you in touch with accommodation agencies, to running cultural orientation programmes for those arriving from other countries. Along with the financial support offered for relocation, the support offered by our team goes a long way to removing the pressure around relocating for you. Please note that due to immigration restrictions in Jersey and Guernsey, the Channel Islands practice is unable to consider trainee candidates who require work permits (i.e. non EU nationals). Work permits are currently only granted to non EU nationals once candidates are fully professionally qualified.

When should I apply?

You may apply at any time, but spaces on our graduate, placement and higher apprenticeship programmes are limited. We usually have one annual intake which starts in August each year and we will consider applications for this intake more than a year in advance.

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